My Squirt XD

By M490fpv on Jan 30, 2019

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Decided to build the Shendrones Squirt V2 to have some smooth footage especially from the flight events with my friends.
I build a lot, but this build was somehow the one I was really waiting to complete and to fly! Today is a time to test!! :D
I got the full kit with gopro mount and printed ducts, but decided to print all small parts myself to have some fresh color scheme.
All printable parts can be found from here:
Prop cutting tool for Dremel:



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Briefly Flying FPV   Sep 22, 2019  

Any issues with this one?! :D Awesome!

M490fpv   Sep 22, 2019 

This was the first version that I now rebuilt completely.

Briefly Flying FPV   Sep 22, 2019 

Cool. Try the new Gemfan Squirt props, they work really well without the trimming process -

bahacangun   Feb 13, 2019  

Can you tell me your squirt's

  • AUW
  • Current draw on hover
  • Your battery
M490fpv   Feb 13, 2019 

I use the tattu 850mah lipo. Have to check the weight when I get back from business trip. it is about 500g with gopro and battery...

Jeff   Feb 08, 2019  

Hi, quick question from someone looking at building one of these. Why did you go with a separate 4 in 1 esc?

M490fpv   Feb 13, 2019 

no special reason. Had a spedix esc and cl racing fc lying around so used them. Works fine! 😊

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