Hybrid DIY 2S Brushless Whoop (26.8g)

By alwaysbless on Apr 20, 2019

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Hybrid DIY 2S Brushless build inspired by Eachines Trashcan, Happymodels Mobula 7 and BetaFPVs 75X. Dry weight is @ 24.5g only so its nearly 10 grams lighter than the Trashcan and over a gram lighter than the Mobula 7 AND it uses the V3 Frame!


Designed this to be as cheap as possible w/out sacrificing performance. A lot of these prebuilt DIY Brushless whoops are retailing for 90-100+ bucks so its a good value coming in atleast 20 dollars cheaper and if youre willing to spend a bit more you can get a nicer camera that supports smart audio (tx06, us65 etc) and still be under $75 total.

Final Cost (Including Shipping) @ $73.45

2.76 + 25.79 (w/ Free Shipping @ Mobula 7 V2 Frame White (5.7g) + Happy Model 0802 16000kv (1-2s) Brushless Motors (x4) - (7.6g Total))
20.64 (w/ Free Shipping + New User Coupon @ HBS F405 / 4in1 5a/6a Esc (1-2s)) - 3.2g
3.99 (w/ Free Shipping @ 2x BetaFPV Transparent Canopy) - 0.9g
12.74 (w/ Free Shipping @ LST-S2 AIO CAM/VTX) - 3.6g
0.99 (w/ Free Shipping @ JMT 40mm Tri Blade Paddle Props (x4)) - 1.2g (Total)
6.54 (w/ Free Shipping @ Flysky RX2A Pro RX) - 0.7g

Where to buy:

All parts were ordered through aliexpress since they typically have the cheapest prices and you can avoid having to go through multiple online retailers.

Build Notes:

1) The Trashcan / Mobula 7 V3 Frame ducts are too small to fit well w/ Gemfans new 40mm props (unless you clip them down a bit) so I just went w/ the JMT 40mm Tri Blade paddle props that I had laying around and they fit / fly wonderfully with them.

2) LST-S2 is a tight fit for the Beta75x canopy so youll want to be sure to print a low profile mount with atleast a 25-30 degree angle that way you have sufficient room to fit it in properly. (See this link for the STL file I printed - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3067253)

3) To keep it clean up top I secured my FlySky RX beneath the flight controller using double sided tape and pointed the antenna front facing so it doesnt get lost in the XT30 pigtail


1) Frame - The V2 Frame was included w/ the motors but I went w/ the V3 frame since its sturdier, only weighs an extra 1.5g and fits GNB 300mah 2s lipos w/out modification

2) Flight Controller - The Beecore F4 is a great value for a barebones, no-frills AIO FC/10A 4in1ESC but it lacks support for features like led lights, rssi and smart audio. For those willing to spend just a bit more there is another comparably priced option out there that was just recently released called the HBS F405 (It however it only has 5/6A esc's and weighs a bit more)

Update: Stay away from the Beecore F4 FC! I've had 2 burn out personally and a number of other RCgroups users are reporting the same for theirs. For this build I have switched the FC over to the HBS F405 which has a 5a/6a esc so you are losing some amperage but it also supports Smart Audio, Buzzers, LEDs, RSSI and with the new user Aliexpress coupon you can save 5 dollars and get it for only 20.64 shipped.

3) Camera - The LST-S2 doesnt support smart audio and its a bit heavier than some of the newer AIO Cam / VTXs that do. So for those looking to upgrade there are a few other options that I can recommend.

A) Eachines TX06 (2.8g) is a good cheap alternative and can be purchased on banggood for about 10 dollars but its dynamic range is not the best so it has the worst image quality overall
B) Eachines US65 is the smallest (3.0g) AIO Cam/VTX to date and has excellent image quality BUT it also costs 2x as much as the LST-S2 and the TX06
C) The Caddx EOS2 + HGLRC GTX Nano VTX is the heaviest most expensive option coming in at approx 25 dollars (total) / 5.5g but itll also provide the best image quality and a 50mw capable vtx for extended range.




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