"Traitor" XL8 Long Range HD-FPV

By MacFly on Jan 19, 2019

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Ez-wifibroadcast DIY HD FPV system based on ov5647 camera, Raspberry Pi Zero and high power AR9271 transmitter.
Will be running ardupilot on onmibus F4 V5, note the V5 has no built-in current sensor, hence 4in1 esc with current sense.
Expected runtime:+20min flight time on 160g 25c 2200mAh 3s zippy compacts (AUW 555g)
or +35min on 330g 5400mAh 3s2p Li-Ions (AUW 710g, similar to mavic)
XL8 arms modified to accept triangle bolt pattern.
Mini GPS replaced with BN880 M8N, as noise from nearby regulators made it unusable.

First tests
Zippy Compact 25c 2200mAh 3s
17minutes hover at 6A consumed 1600mAh (72% of 2200mAh).
Motors consumed an average of 64W (5.5A at 11.6V), efficiency 8.6 gramms per watt.
Other loads (Raspberry Pi, VTX etc.) 0.5A

BS-430 ESC current calibration result (calibrated at 6A):

Omnibus F4 V5 Vbat calibration result:


Part List


iFlight XL8 V3 8 inch Long Range FPV Freestyle Frame (7 builds)

Flight Controller

OMNIBUS AIO F4 V5 Flight Control (18 builds)


BS430 ESC 30A 3-6S 4 in 1 BLHeli-S firmware Dshot 4x30A F3 F4 Fly-tower Speed Controller for FPV Camera Drone Quadcopter F21084


Original Left Right Front Back Arm Motor CW CCW Repair Part for DJI Mavic Pro


DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 8331 Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers Golden and Silver for DJI Mavic pro series in stock original
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FPV Camera

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Night Vision Camera Module Focal Adjustable 5MP OV5647 Sensor 1080p Raspberry Pi 3/2 Camera with 15cm FPC Cable

FPV Transmitter

150M wireless network card module high power usb wireless network card wifi receiver ultra long distance AR9271


Built-in 2.4G 3G 5G5.8G4.9-5.9G multi-band antenna 5dBi Omni-directional high gain WIFI module antenna


Wolfbox 100mW 433MHz UHF Receiver Rx Compatible with X9D 9XR PRO FlySky 9 9XII


ZIPPY Compact 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack (2 builds)


Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit) (7 builds)

HD Camera

RunCam 2 (6 builds)

HD Camera

Original XiaoMi Yi Ambarella A7LS BSI CMOS WIFI Sports Action Camera

HD Camera

runcam2 30deg mount runcam runcamhd2
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Misc Parts

M12 Replace Camera Lens 170 Degree Wide Angle for Gopro Hero 3 2 1 SJ4000 Lens

Misc Parts

Beitian BN-880 Flight Control Gps-modul Dual Mit Kabel Connecotr Für RC Multicopter Kamera Drone FPV Teile (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Super APM Mini GPS with Electronic Compass for Multicopter Flight Control APM2.6/2.8

Misc Parts

FPV-VR for wifibroadcast 2018

Misc Parts

Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Cable 16CM FFC Flat Wire Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero

Misc Parts

Raspberry Pi Zero - Raspberry Pi
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crashbamdicoot   Feb 21, 2019  

What flight times did you actually get?

Jodie Froster   Jan 20, 2019  

150 meters isn't even as far as a 200mw vtx will get you... I'm thinking that's more like 25mw type range

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jdmkramer   Jan 20, 2019 

Where can I see more about this video/telemetry system?! I'm following your builds now. This kind of experimenting and cobbling together unique systems and builds is my favorite thing on rotorbuilds. :)

MacFly   Jan 21, 2019 

Thanks for the follow! You can find all the info on the diy HDFPV+telemetry+RC system at https://github.com/rodizio1/EZ-WifiBroadcast/wiki
Not using the RC functionality of ez-wifibroadcast yet, for that im still using trusty old openlrs https://openlrsng.org

atomiclama   Feb 18, 2019 

I think 150 M for teh wireless card is not meters but the speed it can run at 150Mbps

atomiclama   Feb 15, 2019  

How have you found flying with the raspberry pi camera? I ran a raspberry pi camera setup for a while, but with the analogue video out fed into a 5.8vtx. It was a wierd experience too much delay and the camera seemed effceted quite badly with the vibrations from the quad. Never got used to it so shelved the idea. This build has sparked my interest again cheers. Like the OSD.

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