Gatehunter SLS 5 - Sub 200g 5" Racer

By Dave_C on Jan 19, 2019

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Finally got all the parts to assemble the first prototype of my ultralight 5" Frame!
I really love the Xnova 2204 motors. They have a super nice finish and feel incredibly smooth.
Unfortunately the HGLRC ESC was dead on allrival and I will have to postpone the maiden flight...

I'm quite happy to how the weight and looks turned out:

  • 200g w/o battery
  • 350g with a 1300mAh 4S
  • 45g dry Frame weight including steel hardware and canopy

Some details on the frame & what I plan to do next:

  • I designed the frame for a 20x20 stack, TBS Nano VTX and micro cam. This allows to have a super low aerodynamic footprint and frameweight.
  • The canopy has a little slit to clamp a linear anteanna but I am thinking about adding a mount like on my 6" for the new Micro Axii. The current prototype is a simple PLA print that I will repace by Laser Synthered Nylon.
  • The arms are 4mm carbon and the bottom plate 3mm. After playing around a little more with stress simulations I decided to upgrade to a 4mm bottom plate that should arrive soon.
  • Next step: alminum hardware! That should should shave off a little extra weight.



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Offset   13 days ago  

those props are killer on a light build too, I flew them today on a 680 +/- gram build with Hero 7 onboard and I kinda liked them. durability will be just about nathan tho. but very light spool up super fast. this is on a 2208 1800KV 6S 1250mAh helio/Strix F10 build on flosstyle 6" frame. I usually fly 6" but have been liking 5' lately and going to start building a few dedicated 5" builds. will try the hyperlite Astro Glide frame. still might get the 6" because I like my props spread out as farther. would love to fly this build you have. it looks pretty amazing. stretched X always flys better IMO

Dave_C   13 days ago 

I love those props too. Not the fastest but they feel super precise and and reactive.
Actually I got quite a lot of requests to buy the frame so I ordered a bunch my 6" strech X racing frame and a 5" version of it (The one from my older post). I will give them away at production cost. Let me know in case you are interested.
But I'm not planning to dothis with the ultralight version from this post tho since I could't test it properly yet with the defective ESC.

Offset   13 days ago 

I'll take one please, thanks for offering I'd really love it. thank you so much. I'll take a 6" version if you can do that? roughtly what would you be charging? very nice of you to do it at cost
thanks for your time, really appreciate it


Dave_C   13 days ago 

I'll DM you

idiotsniff   18 days ago  

Stretched X is where its at Yo, your build looks đź‘Ś

UnicornMoe   27 days ago  

How wide are the arms? 4x6 mm? I tried 4x8mm on my own frame and they broke on every crash. This entire build looks SO fragile! Maybe you can leave the bottomplate 3mm thick and make it a bit wider? I am very certain that the arms will snap first and that you wont need to make any improbvements on the 3mm bottomplate ;)
Can you upload a foto of the bottom of your drone? I can't see the motor mounts; 3 motor screws are enough and 2 will also work. I think that you can save some more weight if you redesign your "motorguard" to only one or two stings instead of the triangle;)

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UnicornMoe   27 days ago 

Yeah that 6 inch 6s remindet me. I remember when you pulled that beast out after the 1. NordmĂĽnchnerquadwettfliegerei :)

Nabla   23 days ago 

@UnicornMoe ... where along the arm did your prototpe break?

UnicornMoe   22 days ago 

Right where the arm connects to the main plate

Minichado   28 days ago  

Thats my style! if you ever need beta testers, hit me up!

Nabla   29 days ago  

Did you design that pod?

Dave_C   29 days ago 


Jodie Froster   Jan 20, 2019  

She's a stunner! I really like the contours on the pod, and I bet she is amazing in the air. I would love to fly that rig. Nice work.

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