Featherweight Eco-Ghost

By prettyboyfpv on Oct 22, 2019

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Built this out for my racer brother. Kid rips with this power-friendly beast. This build uses floss-tier hyperlite 1407s on a stretch five inch ghost. Works great and is one of the most durable builds I have done, parts are in the post. Battery bumper you see attached to the strap is a custom design of mine, made from SLA resin (Formlabs Form 2). Very unique little guy here that I was compelled to share, because it has that prototype canopy on it from narmifpv. It is designed to allow for turtle mode with no fin, and great 3D aerodynamics (for air coming from front and also from edges of props, supposed to mean less hindrance to the props' effective force). Its made of TPU, which does appear to be better for vibration dampening for the camera as far as I can tell. He gave this to me awhile ago so the current design is probably much further along at this point, feel bad for getting around to it so late but, busy. Its held up well so far, but not sure if you will be able to get your hands on something like it... he said he may open an online shop last time we spoke. Hit up the comments if you like the look so I can give some feedback asap, thanks.



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BrandonSDeLaCruz   Oct 31, 2019  

i really like what you have here. it kind of reminds me of the mayday pnut or the specter mayday kwads witch are very elegant frames. i also like your battery strap pad idea it looks very durrable and simple to use. I really would like to buy one of them if you have any for sale? in any certian colors? hit me up at my email famms00@aol.com

prettyboyfpv   Dec 11, 2019 

Was NarmiFPV able to get a hold of you about your purchase inquiry? You can find the most updated model of this canopy on his company's website, snapasils.com, its even sicker than this prototype it has a ton of programmable leds and is lighter and has a better aero profile....

jdmkramer   Oct 28, 2019  

This is why I browse RB. Nice!

Kaje12231977   Oct 26, 2019  

That's a sick design.  I like it alot.  I would need to make a small change and make the camera adjustable. Seems it could be an easy enough mod.  Definitely send it!!!!!

FPWEAV   Oct 25, 2019  

This thing looks sick! Great design, man.

Jodie Froster   Oct 22, 2019  

...do you carry it around by the canopy like a suit-case handle?

prettyboyfpv   Oct 23, 2019 

Ah, yes, much creative... but idk it kinda makes sense to me (birds don't have shark fins right)... he rocks it, and I have to say, it does look very ominous in the air, like an alien coming at you

Junnicutt   Oct 22, 2019  

Thats f'n sweet. Whats the camera angle like? If it

prettyboyfpv   Oct 22, 2019 

For this particular canopy I think it was 55 degrees, probably because The RCAddict runs a similar tilt and this is his old frame....

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