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By elefantopia on Apr 14, 2019

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For my first build, I wanted to get my head in the clouds...
This means FPV camera on a 3 axis gimbal, head tracking and long range.
Designing the gimbal mount was an adventure as I used Fusion360 for the first time, it is a bit buggy and took me 10x the time it would in Maya but look at those wonderful bevels!
Logic behind the choice:

  • R9 for the long range, it's cheaper than xfire. Also they are not as dependable which isn't good for long range but they're "working on it"
  • Separate ESC so if one burns it only costs 8$, the flycolor raptor have been around for long, are dependable and very low noise, also long range is better in oneshot or multishot.
  • the Matek F405 is old enough that it's been well debugged, it is also very well supported by iNav and the layout is simple, also the drill through hole for most pins make for sturdier solder joints. Edit: I stopped soldering through hole and all is surface soldered because it's easier to work on when the FC is fixed to the ESCs
  • the HL7 is almost never used, the reason is it vibrates a lot and the FC accelerometer struggles with those extra Hz.
  • I went with the 1250KV recommended by Pawel, they are very smooth and powerful
  • Beitian BN880 has mag and a fast GPS that inav uses for navigation.

Getting this monster in the air was difficult, some people trying to help me with the log pointed at the amount of resonance from the frame. Once I made the frame stiffer it was flyable, as a first quad this was a bad idea, the gimbal didn't take well the hits. I ended up removing the gimbal and going locked cameras. Flying at ground level was fun, I was about to coat the FC and ESC with Conformal Silicone but got caught by the thrill of the flight, drizzle turned into rain, the quad short circuited. Lesson learned.

Part List


iFlight HL7 V2 296mm 7" Long Range FPV Frame Carbon Fiber 7 inch Quadcopter Frame Kit

Flight Controller

Matek F405-CTR Flight Controller (5 builds)


Crazepony 4pcs Flycolor BLHeli_S 30A ESC with ESC Protective Cases,30A BLHeli S 2-4S Lipo Support Dshot 600 Electronic Speed Con


iFlight 4 Pack Ion Drive 2506 1250KV Brushless Motor 3-6S for 7 inch Long Range FPV Quadcopters & Multirotors


HQProp DP 7X3.5X3 V1S PC Propeller (Set of 4 - Black) (12 builds)

FPV Camera

Readytosky HD FPV Camera 1000TVL 1/3 CCD 110 Degree 2.8mm Lens Mini NTSC PAL Switchable Camera for FPV Quadcopter

FPV Transmitter

iFlight The Force VT5804 V2 5.8G 48CH 25MW 200MW 600MW Switchable FPV Transmitter VTX Support OSD Frequnecy and Power Tuning Bui


Wolfwhoop R-1 2pcs 5.8GHz 5dBi RHCP Omnidirectional Pagoda Antenna for FPV Drone Set-SMA Male (Red) (3 builds)


FrSky Taranis Compatible Receiver D4R-II 4-Channel 2.4ghz ACCST w/ Telemetry & 8 Channel CPPM w/ RSSI


HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C-100C LiPo Battery with Traxxas TRX Plug for RC DJI F450 Quadcopter RC Helicopter Airplane Hobby Drone a (2 builds)


FrSky 2.4G Accst Taranis Q X7 16 Channels Transmitter Remote Controller White Battery and Battery Trays Not Include (215 builds)

Misc Parts

3 x EMX-SV-0271 ES9251 Digial Servo

Misc Parts

Frsky R9 MM 4/16CH 900MHz Long Range Telemetry Receiver with an Inverted S.Port Output (16 builds)

Misc Parts

Beitian BN-880 Flight Control GPS Module Dual Module Compass With Cable for RC Drone FPV Racing (23 builds)
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