God Mode 1.2 - Pav Pod with fin

By ArchmageAU on Jan 24, 2019

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God Mode 1.2 - Pav Pod with fin.

Request 20mm standoffs when ordering frame if using triple height stack, or use a different VTX (like TBS Unify Pro32 Nano and UFL AXII antenna)

Build Notes:

  • Will need battery strap(s), stack standoffs, large washer (to bolt SMA antenna connection to), electrical tape, zip ties, heat shrink, silicon 705 (or conformal coating - optional), hex drivers, solder, flux and soldering iron, to complete build.
  • Mount PyroDrone FC chips down so flat surface can be used to tape VTX to. BF configure board in flipped orientation.
  • Use 705 Silicon on the ESC to assist durability and longevity.
  • Mount RX antennas on zip ties off front arms. Never had problems with recption in races.
  • Loctite SMA AXII antenna onto connection (as can work loose). I used a 3D printed piece to ensure antenna cannot come out of pod, but could use a large washer to do same job.
  • To mount camera, drilled the screw holes a little deeper into the TPU printed pod so provided m2 camera mount screws had a couple of mm purchase on the camera.

Config Notes:

  • Runs good on BF 4.x stock PIDS and filters. Just dial in personal rates.
  • No ESC telemetry on Spedix35A, but UART available for ESC telemetry if required.
  • DShot 1200. Turtle mode capable.
  • Camera control via UART (FC is BF cam control capable without sacrificing LED control).
  • Tramp VTX control.
  • FC can run Crossfile or FrSky with SmartPort telemetry.

I use 1500mah 4S batteries (CNHL), but any high C 4S battery will work well with this stack.

Excellent race drone.


Part List


God_Mode 1.4 (3 builds)

Flight Controller

Pyrodrone HyperLite F4 OSD V2.3 (6 builds)


Spedix GS35A 4in1 ESC (2 builds)


4 x T-motor F40 Pro II v2 2306 2400kv Mini Quad Motors (Single) (3 builds)


HQ Prop 5X4.8X3V1S Propellers 1 Pack (4 Pieces) (75 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Racer 2 (5 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Matek Video Transmitter VTX-HV (9 builds)


TRUERC AXII STUBBY 5.8Ghz Stubby Antenna (12 builds)


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