Doberman V3 5-inch from Detroit Multirotor (DMR)

By Rumblecloud on Feb 08, 2019

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After several months of testing, the 3rd generation Doberman racing frame from DMR is available for purchase.
This is the strongest, toughest, lightest 5-inch racing frame we have ever built.
The frame is cut from high-quality, high-density Toray carbon fiber. The top and bottom plates with locking 4-mil arms form a super tough, protective center crush zone that can house 30m or 20m control stacks. It can accommadte 5, 5.5-inch or 6-inch props. Cleanest air is with 5-inch. The Dob 3 tips the scale with a naked weight of only 60g - give or take a gram or two. We've managed to keep the cost to an incredibly low $39.99.

We want everyone to experience what our pilots have been telling us:
“Fast as hell. Tough as nails.”
Incidentally, you can purchase this build for $240.00. If you're interested, Giveus a shout here:


Part List


Doberman V3 -- NEW! – DMR

Flight Controller

EMAX MINI Magnum 2 – DMR (2 builds)


4 x Brother Hobby R2 2205 Naked Bottom – DMR (2 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Sparrow 2 Pro (5 builds)


Lumenier AXII Stubby 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (208 builds)


FrSky XM+ - Micro SBUS Full Range Receiver (2 builds)
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Rumblecloud   Feb 09, 2019  

One thing I used on this build that I really liked are the Race Wires - the CL Racing LEDs - placed between the motors and the ESCs. It made wiring the ESCs easier and will also make it easier to swap out a motor should the need arise. They turn red when powering up and get brighter on acceleration. I've been told they could wash out the camera image, but have not had a chance to test that out since it's too frikken-a** cold to fly.

Rumblecloud   Feb 09, 2019  

I only had one issue with the build. One of the ESCs would not activate and couldn't figure out why. After a closer inspection, I found a small crack in the side of the harness receptacle on the ESC module. After a closer-closer inspection I saw that the end pin had been bent sideways causing the crack and the inoperative ESC. I was able to straighten the pin and everything is good to go. The crack is stil there but shouldn't be an issue. The image shows the cracked receptacle.

Rumblecloud   Feb 08, 2019  

I still need to update with things I learned from this build, but wanted to get this up. So stay tuned for updates....thanks

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