Screech hypetrain

By Neffpv on Jan 27, 2019

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The original plan was to come up with a light weight freestyle build. this would be the third quad i have built so i wanted to perfect some of the things i wish i had done differently on my previous two builds.

the platform.. the strix screech frame came up because it is a frame at 99 grams with enough space to fit what i want. with most freestyle frames coming in at well over 100 grams i thought this was a good light weight fit. the chamfered edges are a nice touch and i sealed those up with glue and black nail polish. i topped it off with the gopro mount to match.

i am a quality over quantity type person but more so a person that appreciates value. the following parts where purchased because i got some sort of coupon or giftcard for them or see a quality to them that makes them superior.

i wanted to try a 2207 motor and the hyprtrain acro fits that bill. when rotor riot ran a flash sale and had them greatly discounted i purchased them. i soft mounted those motors. then the joshua bardwell fc went on sale and i purchased that and his 32 bit esc to match. the new runcam eagle micro luminier version is light weight and has the built in remote which is a great feature and unparalled in my eyes. i opted for the mateksys vtx because of its abilty to be stacked right where i wanted and the mmcx connector. im using flysky so the x6b is almost identical in size with the vtx. i drilled holes in the back of the frame to stack these.

all together im very happy with the flight charecteristics of this quad. im using hq 5x5x3 to distribute the power to the air.

the goal was a clean lightweight build i could rely on and i think i have made that. my fear now is crashing it.



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SpikeDiesel   Jan 27, 2019  

Noice man, stealth mode.  Just bought this frame and about to print some TPU parts for it, fear crashing new builds too, but i feel better with tpu guards on stuff even if it addds weight, hit me up if ya need anything printed....I've got black ;)

Neffpv   Jan 28, 2019 

time will tell but i dont really trust the fpv camera mount. lmk if you come up with something else.

SpikeDiesel   Jan 28, 2019 

Ah, well there's this one, not my design.
Looks similar to the included one though.

SpikeDiesel   Jan 28, 2019 

Hey man, check this one it's got bumpers
I'll print n fit it when frame arrives in a few days ..  looks like theres a few updated designs with more mount holes too, as I also run micro Eagles.

miromir237   Jan 28, 2019  

Looking very nice. I like how it all fit in. I bet your carefull planning payed off.

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