By EuthaNasi on Feb 06, 2019

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My 2019 freestyle build with the Hyperlow Vert Freestyle V2 frame. When I first assembled it (without internal components) it looked really spacious. Room for a 30,5x30.5mm stack (FC on top of 4-in-1 ESC) and next to that 2 TPU shelves for Rx, VTx, buzzer, capacitor, LED's etc.

After the first drybuild it came clear that there is a lot of space, but together with the parts I picked it's gonna be cramped! Main reason is the Airbot stack. I love the Airbot quality and used their 20x20 FC and ESC in another build. Because the Vert frame looked so spacious I choosed the "regular" 30,5x30,5mm Omnibus F4 V6 together with the Typhoon32 4-in-1. Sold by Banggood as a stack with connectors etc. Looked like the perfect match but combined they really aren't!

My lessons learned:

  1. The Airbot stack comes with alu spacers and rubber soft mounts. Beware: the inner size is M2, not M3 as every other screw in the frame. So the soft mount is useless and had to go.
  2. The alu spacers are a specific length to keep enough clearance between the connectors on both the FC and the 4-in-1. The inner space in the Vert can house no more than 2 boards on top of each other. I knew that beforehand and thats why I like the sleek design. But the clearance needed in between of the Airbot stack makes this a challenging combination. To little room and the boards touch, to much room and the Vert can't be assembled / closed.
  3. I found only 1 way to make everything fit inside but that results in a very unpractical USB placement. Rotate the FC 90 degrees and the 8-pin cable between the FC and 4-in-1 is to short. Rotate 180 degrees and the connectors on the bottom side of the FC will touch the TPU shelves and it won't be level + connection cable to short.
  4. Every time I connect it to BetaFlight I need to take FC (partially) out of the frame. A 90 degrees micro usb might be the solution here but I don't have one.
  5. In previous build I always tried to keep the (motor) cables as short as possible. This leaves you with no alteration space as soon as everything is together. Changes will almost always lead to extending cables and a lot of extra soldering. In this build I tried to keep the cables a little bit longer than I would usually do. Let's see how this works out, for now it looks like there are roughly 0 alternations possible because everything is exactly in place!

TL;DR If you don't like cramped builds than don't combine the Airbot stack with this frame!

The frame is really nice though, hope it flies just as good as it looks! Now I need to save up some more €€€ for a GoPro Hero 7 Black to put on this build...



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Mahagoni   13 days ago  

Very nice build. Do you know the weight of the frame + HW?
The USB port placement would not be acceptable for me though. Couldn't you just extend the wires to the ESC?

EuthaNasi   10 days ago 

Thanks! Unfortunately my scale died, when I get the chance to weigh it I'll let you know.
I could extend the wires to the ESC but then I would need a 7cm long 8pin cable which (1) I don't have and (2) the connectors on the bottom of the FC will probably still be in the way and it won't be compact enough... After the first couple of times flying I probably need to acces the USB to make Betaflight changes but after that I don't connect it to a PC that often... So yeah I agree it sucks but it's the unfortunate outcome of this combination of parts.

miromir237   13 days ago  

Man, this is really tight but complete build looks very nice. I would love to build one myself (even for someone else). Hope it flies great.

FrenchB   14 days ago  

Tight, but rewarding. Nice build.

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