BeeBrain Lite - New whoop comparison #2

By acromode on Feb 10, 2019

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I wanted to update my whoop fleet for 2019 and decided to compare the AlienWhoop Zero and BeeBrain Lite,

at this point i have to say i reach for the beebrain lite more often,

im trying different prop combination on the Zero but so far the beebrain feels better,

the beebrain also has OSD which is nice, i get the risk of having an all in one board

my only knock on the beebrain is range, my link quality drops to 50-75% flying just into the next room, if its just around the house its fine but id be a little nervous with it outside at any appreciable distance, i did use a little heat shrink to run the antenna up out the canopy but it does little if anything


Part List


Cockroach Brushed Super-Durable Frame (24 builds)

Flight Controller

BeeBrain Lite — NewBeeLabs (2 builds)
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BDR GOLD Edition - 6mm Brushed Motor (16 builds)
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