Another Toothpick inspired Build

By sieek on Feb 01, 2019

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This build was inspired by Kababfpv and his toothpick.
I just couldn't wait for his frame to be available - once it arrives I will just have to build another quad!
I stole quite a few ideas from this build as well:
Thanks @sergetania!

The parts are a complete transplant of my Beta75x.
Since 2S is too much for indoor flying, at least for a beginner like me, it was my park-flyer anyways.
So why not make it more awesome?!

I redesigned the adatper to suit my needs.
It needed to be high to fit the stack of the Beta75x and I wanted to be able to reach the usb port on the bottom without taking the quad apart ervery time.
Then I threw in an antenna holder for good measure!
The adapter and the bumpers are PETG. Let's see how well those hold up.
Wire extension were so annoying, but I really wanted to keep using those motors.

Takeoff weight of the quad is 69 grams.

Maiden flight will be tomorrow.



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SkyLine FPV   Mar 03, 2019  

what is that tool in the first pic?

StickyRice   Feb 05, 2019  

whered you get the 3d printed part?

sieek   Feb 05, 2019 

Found the Original Part on thingiverse and redisigned it a bit.

sieek   Feb 05, 2019 

This was the original Part

Jodie Froster   Feb 01, 2019  

You did SOOOO well with the 3D design work, resolve that 2nd antenna mount!!!!!!

sieek   Feb 01, 2019 

The second mount is for when I switch the frsky xm for an xm+ ;)

Jodie Froster   Feb 02, 2019 

As well thought out as it is, i'm not suprised

StickyRice   Feb 01, 2019  

Dudeee that looks sleeek with the 3d pritned parts plus the space black canopy!!! got some flight videos?

sergetania   Feb 01, 2019  

Nice build! It's quite a huge toothpick! Hopefully, extra weight is not enough to break things crashing.
Are you actually able to plug in a USB cable when assembled? I gave up on that because of the Lil duece frame.

sieek   Feb 01, 2019 

I hope so too!
With the cut-out I added at the back of the mount I can reach the USB. Maybe I will upload the new adapter, if you are interested .

sieek   Feb 01, 2019 

About the weight, I run 2S so performance-wise it shouldn't be too much of an issue :D

sergetania   Feb 01, 2019 

I wouldn't be concerned about the performance but breaking things. Extra weight does that. Should be fine

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