Toothpick type

By DanRichmond on Feb 01, 2019

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Inspired by the toothpick by KababFPV
67 grams with battery 1103 version
49 grams with battery  (version 1 was.. need to re-weigh)
Mira 110 frame

2-15-19 broke Crazepony 1103 motors. (3 shafts)

Version 3. added Crazepony 10000kv 1103 motors.

2-6-19.   Version 2. (Xt30 2s, runcam micro sparrow 2, flight controller holder (bottom of bwhoop plastic frame cut down))

Acro practice with the Toothpick

Toothpick ToothRick Maiden (windy, stock tune, 0802 16k kv mobula 7 motors)

Version 1
Here's the first flights  (of the old non xt30 non sparrow non tight mount edition) (0802 motors)



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QuadConnect   Feb 03, 2019  

got any flight footage?

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sergetania   Feb 05, 2019 

I don't think you need XT30 with 080x motors. It's just extra weight. Unless you already have it on the battery.
I have to admit I got this frame. Have the motors had longer wires I would have built on it. I thought I could route the wires along the catbon. But they were too short and I just couldn't make myself build with the wires hanging in the air. That never lasts. Dmitry has since designed a new conversion frame with arms going straight to the center, diagonally.
Hovering at 10% throttle is simply amazing but these things are strange. I think KababFPV suggests limiting the throttle at 70% or 75% and based on the one I have built it's about right. It's just doing nothing above that limit.

DanRichmond   Feb 07, 2019 

With the XT30 battery and the KababFPV tune and a 70% throttle limit it is so much better. you are right about running the wires in the air.. my most recent crash ripped the wires off the motor side :(

sergetania   Feb 08, 2019 

Sorry about the crash. Strangely, KababFPV's tune didn't work for me at all. It was SOOO hyperactive. I am almost on the default PIDs that are far off his tune.

StickyRice   Feb 05, 2019  

oOooOO interesting how the fc is at the bottom. Does that give any benefit?

DanRichmond   Feb 05, 2019 

Not really just that I couldn't get the motor wires to reach any other way

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