R3DWhoop ION by R3D Shifters

By daichfpv on Feb 04, 2019

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this is a prototype frame so the finished product will be even better
so many little details in this frame that make me smile
the integration of the stiff and strong carbon nylon and TPU bits are really cool. (i.e.the camera holder is in black TPU)
it's an extremely easy build. the motor wires were just long enough. FC fits snugly and there is plenty of room for the vtx under the FC.

Sadly, on it's second battery pack, it crashed it onto a rooftop. Hopefully I'll be able to retrieve in the near future if I'm kind enough to my neighbor. I know exactly where it is :P

the poor thing spent a night in the rain...got a hold of security who let me retrieve it. it was left for 24 hours to dry. battery was zero but I jumpstarted and charged it up ok :P
plugged the quad in, woila, it's all still working great!

enjoy an indoor cruisy flight while getting asked the usual questions from the building staff.



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StickyRice   15 days ago  

omg i like the frame design, props for those!! Is there a possibility that you could put the battery on top? I just prefer that cause to keep my battery safer in a crash. Also maybe make the arm ends slightly thicker? and possibly have a Eos1/2 camera mount option!

daichfpv   15 days ago 

whoop batteries are cheap, I wouldn't bother haha. It's such a low profile, not sure if the change in CG would make that big of a difference. I do prefer top mounts on my micros though.
I think the caddx firefly/betafpv 1200tvl does fit in the current mount (same sensor as eos line)

sergetania   16 days ago  

The frame looks great. Practically, it may need some sort of protection for the vtx antenna. Maybe a fin of some kind that can also help in the turtle mode. Also, it would be nice to be able to mount 110x motors

daichfpv   16 days ago 

the whole thing is so light the antenna wont get damaged. i had a failsafe from 3 stories up and not a scratch.
i think they are coming out with a 11xx frame but for me this is perfect - the lighter the better it flies

sergetania   16 days ago 

Antenna won't get damaged? Not with my flying! 🚀 It's not crashes when you just fall down, it's the ones when you are going full speed into something.

The Van   16 days ago  

Wow! Very nice work :) looks like it flies great

Dave_C   16 days ago  

I love how your designs have a really unique look! So well thought through

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