Chameleon TI 7" Cruiser

By jdncn03 on Feb 02, 2019

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Still getting it setup but pretty much completed! Will update with maiden.

Update 1: Just got the packs and they fit the frame real nice(with gopro).



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Offset   7 days ago  

what are your thoughts on those props? been looking at building a 20mm longer Rooster frame with a set of hyperlite flosstyle arms in the rear to give it more stetch. wanted to try these props on it. for a long range build. I hate armattan and the rooster frames but have them here and might as well not throw 200$ out the door. 😁

jdncn03   6 days ago 

I havent flown them yet but heres a solid review of them. Im liking that build idea though.

Offset   6 days ago 

hey thanks for the reply, I've seen that video Bob did on these props. was just wondering what someone else thought about then before I ordered some. I hop I can build that rooster frame into something worth flying. they need to do some stretched X stuff. but I'd never buy from them again to little to late. see if I can get that 20mm longer top and bottom plates. might be able to make it work. thanks for the reply. appreciate your time.

7hatGuy   9 days ago  

i just got through building a chameleon 7"! Good looking build you got!

Couple questions though if you wouldnt mind

Why not go with a 4in1 esc? I fit the kakute F7, tekko 35a 4in1, and the tbs unify pro hv in the stack. Its tight butni managed.

interesting choice of props? Why folding and why only 6? Does folding give some unique advantage?

Where did you mount the gps?

jdncn03   7 days ago 

I was going to go with a 4in1, but just stuck with what I knew on this one. Also having the exposed Gyro kind of freaked me out, as its tight with battery straps and just single stack. Props are 6.7, just want to try them out, theyre supposed to be super efficient. Have some HQ LR 7's to try also. Gps is on the battery strap.

Offset   7 days ago 

give the cyclone 7056 a try the HQ 7x3.5x3 are supose to be pretty shite.

jdncn03   6 days ago 

Will try them for sure

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