F3 trashcan

By DanRichmond on Feb 06, 2019

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I wanted the trashcan but didn't want to wait super long on preorder like what happened with the Mobula so I ordered all the replacement parts and they arrived before most people got their preorders I think.. I also had the crazybee F4 pro but I'm not too great at soldering and now it has a lifted power pad.. so it's the F3 board for now.  (Update: My friend was able to fix the LiftedF4 it's now in a 1103 75mm build) (Update: Broke that frame and camera so put that board in a 2 inch build) (Update: Lost the 2 inch it's in a tree or brush but I can't find it)
I heard that the trashcan uses the 16:9 camera and it doesn't have as much vertical field of view as the 4:3 camera so that's what I got.

Broke the canopy on the first flight first crash and it didn't even seem like that hard a hit. I'll glue it back together maybe securing it better to get rid of the jello hopefully



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Kuester2000   Apr 28, 2019  

How was the "lifted power pad" repaired? I am facing the same problem. is there any other pin where I can connect by battery to?



DanRichmond   Apr 28, 2019 

used same place he basically just scratched away at the board until he see copper near that pad like going away from it then flux and solder.. looked messy but worked perfectly

UnderDawg   Feb 06, 2019  

I think my canopy made it to the 3rd pack before it broke...Ha,ha. I ended up printing a new one in TPU and haven't looked back.

DanRichmond   Feb 07, 2019 

Another reason why I need to get a 3d printer. Was going to order another canopy but I'm sure I'll be crashing that one too... I like the adjustable angle but I'd rather have something tougher. Did it help with the jello?

UnderDawg   Feb 07, 2019 

The TPU does help with Jello, and you are still able to adjust the cam angle with all the prints I've seen. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3374386

DanRichmond   Apr 12, 2019 

thanks! finally got a 3d printer!

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