GreenMachine Endurance Quad

By QuadMcFly on Feb 04, 2019

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This build was a total experiement. I wanted to see what kind of flight times I could get out of some very unusual, and very inexpensive parts. The V-Spec 1806 2400kv motors were on sale for $5 each, and I used fairly inexpensive components for the entire build (with the exception of the FPV camera which I already had on hand). These tiny motors on 7" props and 3S voltage are doing pretty much exactly what I intended. The setup cruises at about 30mph at around 100 Watts and easily reaches 45-50mph at around 180 Watts, with max speeds around 60mph and abotu 250 Watts. The max current draw I saw was around 50A for very short bursts on hard recoveries, etc. I had some QAV-R2 Slam plates on hand so I cut some custom light-weight arms to fit the dumb 16x12 M2 mount pattern on the motors. The resulting low weight from both the frame design and the light-weight components kept the weight down to a pretty reasonable ~315g or so without the battery. Flying weight ends up at about 510g with a 2200mAh 3S, and 640g or so with a 5200mAh 3S. The low weight keeps the build surprisingly agile even with the tiny motors. Definitely needs a lot more gains on the PIDs, and prop wash handling is obviously lacking, but overall, I was remarkably pleased. With the 2200mAh 3S, I'm getting about 10 minutes of flight time, and I hit 20 minutes with the 5200mAh. That was some flips, rolls, higher throttle runs, and general shenanigans thrown in as well, so not exactly trying to go easy on the pack. The most remarkable thing here is the build cost though. If you throw in a micro HD camera instead of the SDR2, you can easily have an HD capable endurance and long-range rig that has significant range for a very minimal investment. I'd say overall this experiment was a remarkable success!

Here's my second endurance flight with it on a not fully charged 5200mAh pack.



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Dave_C   16 days ago  

Really interesting to see that small motors on lower voltage seem to be so efficient! It's kind of counter intuitive for me. The DJI Mavic seems to be pretty similar

QuadMcFly   15 days ago 

Yep, the Mavic is actually where I got the idea. I think I could have gained some additional flight time with some better suited motors, maybe something down in the 1800kv range, but it's nice to have a little extra oomph, and these were super cheap!

tehllama   15 hours ago 

Well, I definitely feel like I've gone the completely opposite direction on motor philosophy. This is basically a giant toothpick

M490fpv   15 days ago  

Very interesting build! This gives some new and different ideas.

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M490fpv   14 days ago 

Wow 19:30 mins! :D Seems really stable already! Sick!!!

QuadMcFly   14 days ago 

Yeah I wasn't exactly going easy on it either. A lot of that was 45-50 mph, plus a few climb outs at a pretty decent clip. Not bad at all for what it is for sure!

M490fpv   14 days ago 

I agree! 👍

HDawsome   15 days ago  

Cobra CP2207 motors, run 3S and cap your throttle to 80%. They're literally the most efficient motors ever tested on MQTB.

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