Sabotage RC Bangarang

By Overdrive-FPV on Feb 10, 2019

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Introducing the "Sabotage RC bangagang''
This is my personalized version of the Sabotage RC Bangarang ganged up with some parts from other frames like the Stamina from Cherrycraft and Epiquad 205R. Functioning as a somewhat lightweight racer coming in at 290 ish grams. To me this is the perfect weight for a race setup, as it still carrys some momentum through the corners but still having a lot of power. It flies super well and agile and durabillity is what this frame seems to be made for! Already crashed it a lot of times but besides a few tie wraps, nothing has broken yet :D! What I really like from this setup is the enormous amount of space that has been created now wich makes maintaining the quad very easy and fast. I also feel like this is slightly more durable because no part is being put under pressure wich gives some wiggle room in a crash.

The frame has a Cherrycraft stamina TPU camera mount on it and the 25mm standoffs in the back from an Epiquad 205R. Of course you can use whatever 25mm standoffs you want to use but I just had these laying around and I think they match the overall frame look pretty good. The Stamina TPU camera mount works out really well and it matches exactely with the standoff measures from the Bangarang. It's very durable and protects the camera over the entire case/lens.

If you're looking for a cheap and reliable 4in1 esc stack, look no further. The Mamba F405 - 40A 4in1 esc stack is the best performing ESC/FC combo I've ever tried! No problems so far and very good performance. The only mandatory thing I suggest to do is to put the 470uf capasitor on it that is included in the stack to protect your ESC's/FC in a crash.

If you have any questions, put them down below and I'll try to answer them as quick as possible :)
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