Intrepid 4” I loveee golldddd

By acromode on Feb 10, 2019

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I really like the design and functional lay out, weight is great and the build is intuitive, the carbon itself is great but there were some imperfect cuts,

4 in 1 ESC mounted with the fets down to reduce interference.

FlightOne Whisper Mode and blheli32 are a beautiful thing.

TinyLEDs are red on the right green on left, to facilitate with some LOS fun. The LED strips are mounted directy to motor spool copper wires, which elinamates one solder joint, so this set up only adds one solder joint, the copper wires had to be routed carefully as to not contact the housing,

Ive used the Micro Eagle 2 in at least 6 builds now and ive grown to like it, nice clear image,

the 1408 F20's in 3750kv swing 4x4.3x3 props no problem, nice and quiet, didnt get a good flight time estimate yet cause its too cold to fly outside for long

Crossfire and Unify HV from TBS are the best, it stays locked in and smartaudio couldnt be easier

swapped out the orignal stand offs and hardware for gold to match the motors and i lovvveeee goolllddd

2.5" version on deck to be finished next!



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Waipa   Mar 27, 2019  

Do you have the Millivoltosd v.2? I'm building a Gecko with a Millivoltosd V.2 and an Aikon AK32 20x20 ESC and can't seem to get power to the flight controller. The flight controller requires both a VCC/VBAT and a 5v from the ESC, but the AK32 harness only has the VCC. How did you bypass this in your build? Thanks for the help.

acromode   Mar 27, 2019 

i dont think you need the 5v pin, just leave it out

miromir237   Feb 12, 2019  

Nice build. I am thinking about updating my 3" Intrepid to 4" but I would like to fit in 250g AUW. Do you think it is possible? How is you weight?

acromode   Feb 12, 2019 

my scale only goes up to 100g so im not sure, i can tell you it is a good deal lighter than my Japulura 4", which ran 1507's and a 30x30 stack, power to weight feels like its on point, it was freezing and windy when i took it out and i only used about 1/2 a pack in 3 mins of freestyle fooling around

DPJ   Feb 11, 2019  

Have you come across any issues with mounting the LEDS straight to the motors like you have? Great idea, and a top build. Don't see many 4 Inch builds :D

acromode   Feb 11, 2019 

Thanks man! I tend to enjoy 4" builds, slightly less loud and get a little better flight time than my average 5" build.

I was careful to route the copper wires down and under the motor housing to avoid contact. Once soldered, the wires stiffened up a bit, that plus the close mounting of the LED strip means they are really secure and arent moving at all, I am not concerned about them moving. I shook the quad violently after building to ensure and they dont move a millimeter

DPJ   Feb 12, 2019 

" I shook the quad violently after building" LOL, brilliant.

acromode   Feb 12, 2019 

shake it like a new born!

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