RotorX Atomic Fox

By QU|(K_F0X on Feb 12, 2019

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This frame is a truely spectacular one; The guys at rotorX have made a frame that's not only stunning to look at, but also freakishly functional
Specs :
Weight : 70 grams without canopy, 90 grams with canopy
Motor to motor(diagonal) : 195mm
Geometry type : Dead Cat
Flight Characteristics :
I primarily race this frame, so I'm gonna talk more about cornering and nimbleness than CoG and stuff like that. It's 90 grams, which is 13 more than my last frame. I basically transferred over the components, but somewhere along the way it gained 7 grams along with the 13 of the frame. All up weight with a 4s 1500mah pack is 505 grams. I could barely notice the weight when I first switched over, but now after flying 20-30 packs on it,it feels practically the same (what I'm trying to say is, you only notice it i you look for it). The dead cat geometry adds a tad bit of propwash, just ever so little, on hard turns and aggressive 180s, but bumping up the Ps and Ds makes it unnoticable now. The Yaw kind of feels a bit less authoritative, but that could just be placebo, and I don't mind at all.
Frame Features :
There are 2 places to mount the camera, the more forward position has just the tips of the props in fpv view, but I did break the case of a camera in this position. For this reason I would recommend that you put the camera in the rear mounting position unless it's a split type camera, cuz part of the canopy is in view.
The pod is super durable; full throttle impacts into metal and concrete just barely break some parts, that can be hot or super glued back to perfect condition. The canopy goes on with zip ties or you can supre glue locknuts into grooves in the canopy to screw it down(which is what I did).
The RXAF was designed for the tbs power cube, so almost no 4-in-1 esc is likely to fit in the crevice between the arms; You can raise the ESC and FC above that, and mount the vtx and rx below (there's more than enough vertical room),or mount the fc(which may fit) under the esc, which is what I did. Just looseing up the bottom screws gices me usb access.
The titanium plate looks amazing, and serves it;s purpose of holding the arms in place.
Durability :
The frame is a tank. I broke the bottom plate of my Braap V2 in less than 2 months, but I've crashed this waaaaaay harder and only done minor damage to the canopy, for which i just used used glue to repair.

Overall, this frame is a tricky build but is well worth it. The durability is excellent and that's the main reason why this will be my main race rig, and my daily flyer. It's compact and easy to carry, and the pod makes turtle mode work 95% of the time.

Gripes :
I have very few minor gripes with this frame. The first being the building process, but I'm to blame because it was specifically designed for a power cube. Scond is the lack of USB access without removing the canopy.
My last gripe is probably the only real con of this frame : it can't fit 5.1" props. A lot of good racing props are 5", and that is a blow to the usability of this frame, but compared to all the benefits, to me it's a sacrifice that's worth it.



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Mehul Shocker   Feb 19, 2019  

so you changed the frame..
before or after the race??

QU|(K_F0X   Feb 19, 2019 


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