6s Gecko 3"

By diems on Feb 14, 2019

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As 6s is the new 4s, Armattan 3 inch Gecko capable of running 6s with trottle curve :-) Just finished the build and will need to test soon.



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Luke2455   23 days ago  

how did you mount the fc esc stack that has m2 holes to the m3 screws on the frame?

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Luke2455   23 days ago 

doe sthe stack move around at all?

diems   23 days ago 

No, with 4 screws and plastic vibration grommets it's fine

Luke2455   23 days ago 

thanks. great help!

AirFrame   Feb 26, 2019  

Hey Diems, How's she flying? Tune-able? I'm in the process of building one and considering trying BrotherHobby Avenger 1507 2800Kv on 6s.

diems   Feb 27, 2019 

Hi AirFrame, Initial tests are OK. With the default Blheli32 config It had some problems with max throttle but after changing PWM Freq to 48kHz and Demag Comp to high, it worked fine. The thing is same tunable as 4s but need some adjustments in the upper throttle range. Fiddling with TPA did help. I do need to take some time for fine tuning the PID's.

The 6s throttle curve is based on a excel calculation sheet which you can find on youtube (search for 4s motors on 6s). In the excel sheet you can enter the kv you have and the kv you like to have on 6s. It will output the throttle curve. When testing, you can than validate ESC amp load and motor temps to see if you can push it even further. So theoretically, you can surely go with the 2800kv motors and possibly even higher to give you the wanted 4s performance. If you do go with the higher kv on 4s, you need to be sure to monitor the ESC amp load and motor temps more closely but you will have more headroom to play with as long the ESC and motors can take it.

Let me know how it works out :]

robbson   Feb 19, 2019  

What's the weight and what batteries you are using?

diems   Feb 19, 2019 

Without lipo 171grams and currently testing with 1000mah 6s which are a bit on the heavy side .. Think I'll settle with 850

DPJ   Feb 15, 2019  

6S on a 3 Inch?? Holy hell this thing must hit the moon on punchouts lol.

diems   Feb 15, 2019 

I'll find out this weekend. Let's hope it returns in one piece :p

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