Brushless Whoop

By UpMostBeast FPV on Jun 21, 2019

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I wanted a brushless build that I could fly indoor acro with so that I have no excuse to not practice my skills. I fly acro anytime anywhere I want now. I wanted this build to look sweet as well so I I went with a purple colour scheme and some tiny whoop LEDs. I am running props out since that is supposed to help with washout issues on these brushless micros and have it setup with project mockingbird. I used the guide for the ur65 0603 build since there isn't a guide yet for 1s 0802 betaflight 4.0. This whoop weighs 23.9g. I was aiming for a dry wieght of ~22g and I am not sure where the extra weight is coming from since the math adds up to about 22g. 1g(mount) + 3g(camera) + 4.3g(flight controller) + 3.3g(frame) + 1g(canopy) + 4x1.9g(motors) + 1.2g(props) + 0.5(LEDs) = 21.9g. But it still flies good so whatever.
CrazyBee F4 V2
This board hasn't burnt out on me like I have heard it has on many toothpick style builds. It seems like it handles 1s just fine. the range isn't great but it is sufficient for inside a house it seems. I do like that it has a current sensor.
BetaFPV T01
This camera is really light but not an amazing camera but it gets the job done. I bought it to keep the weight down but the end result was heavier than I thought it would be.
0802 Boost Juice
Motors seem good so far. They are significantly more powerful than my 6x15mm 19000kv brushed build even though it is heavier. They are supposed to be more efficient than 0603 motors but I can't say since I have no experience with them.
BetaFPV 260mah 1s HV 30C
These batteries are okay. They are not much better than my old Tattu 220mah 45C batteries I bought for my brushed build so the battery is of a lower quality but the bigger size helps with voltage sag.
Camera Mount
The mount was designed by my friend who is a mechanical engineering student. The camera fits just a little loose and this results in some a bit of jello in the video and it is just a little bit too tall for the tiny whoop canopy, but otherwise it is great. I can put the file on thingiverse if someone wants to use it themselves.



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