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By fovea on Feb 17, 2019

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i never saw this concept before. i search some lightweigt reversable esc (for about 2inch props 6a...), to change it to a brushless qu_ing, do you now one? and i serch micro props for 3d.

its a wingcopter without a servo, works nearly like a whoover but with reversable motors in the front. the reversable motors are inside of the wing and do pitch and roll. the rearmotors produce accrelation and steering yaw. it doesnt has a gyro its stable because of the wing. its 250mm very small but even in wind it has very good flightcaracteristic. one benefit is fighttime, with the brushed setup about 20min from a 200mah1s.

they dont sell it anymore i cant post product link. it was a 40buck rtf.
useless is the 27mhz transmiter/receiver. the brushed 8520 in the back and 0615 for pitch and roll in the front aren't bad, but not responsive enough, not enough power to add fpv gear (i try fpv one time with an extra 150mah1s).

my plan change the electronics; receiver, 2 normal esc and two reversable esc. they should works well with brushless motors max size of 1103. possibly mixed - smaller motors in the front and sure a camvtx aio.

i beleive this build-concept could work well for many of the motorless handstarted gliders. (could this concept work with 5" too?)

hopfully i find some small reversable ones, size of 250mm could be nice for flying gates..



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1Smug_Bastard   May 21, 2019  

A 5" version of this would be scary. I mean, this is a flying blender with no real FC to control it.

I suggest not taking this larger then 3" props. Even still, your looking at having to increase the wingspan to provide the extra lift for the added weight.

1Smug_Bastard   May 21, 2019  

After taking a quick look at this model I have the following breakdown for you...

-All the motors here are DC "Brushed" motors not requiring ESC's. This saves you weight on such a small craft but also means that this cant be easily scaled up without using ESC's / Brushless motors to increase it's power.
-The Rear motors provide both forward flight and Yaw. Speed up or slow down one motor or the other and the entire craft will Yaw. Odds are it cant take off without help from the VTOL motors.
-The VTOL motors provide the extra thrust needed to take off, sustain flight and to roll the entire craft. Speeding up or slowing down "one" of the engines will result in Roll. Speeding up or Slowing down "both" engines will result in Pitch.
-Its likely that this model doesnt have much in the way of a Flight controller and just responds directly to the users RC inputs. Odds are that you dont have a leveling mode, which would confirm the lack of a flight controller.

IMO this could be duplicated using Betaflights Custom Mixer settings, standard ESC's and motors. You'd just set this up as an Aircraft and what would normally be your Servos / Accuators, being replaced by motors. Biggest challenge would be finding the right style of airframe and then managing the CG so that the motor lift / thrust would be balenced. Honnestly a flying Wing would be cool as hell but hard to get flying Stable. Its very likely why they chose the F16 configuation.

If i recall there is another craft that does something similar:

It's pretty bad ass too.

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