75mm 1103 sparrow

By DanRichmond on Feb 25, 2019

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It's crazepony 1103 10,000kv motors. No more link for them and not sure what brand they are based on... they have/had 1.0mm shafts which three broke on first crash in a toothpick frame so now had to use them with something that has the two screw holes...
Wasn't planning on building an 1103 whoop but when I saw these props and this glow in the dark frame I knew I had to try it.  The glow in the dark paint is falling off in tiny pieces wherever it goes... I think if you never crash or bend the frame then the coating will stay on okay but mine is falling off all over the place... when I land part of the frame glows that was closest to the LEDs. Nice
(49 grams without battery )

2-24-19 first real test flight outdoors...

Notes: Lots of camera noise more on high throttle(maybe not).. Have extra plug soldered for onboard dvr but not currently hooked up maybe part of noise..and not generally happy with the VTX it sometimes shuts off after 20 seconds of no airflow but comes on when I spin the props or blow on the vtx.. overheating way too easily or maybe something else wrong? Sometimes it doesnt do it.. Resolder power?    

Doesn't seem to draw over 15 amps even at steady 100% throttle (note sure what this means just making note) (will try 3 blade props will it go up or down?)

Got 2:30 seconds of high usage from a 350mah 2s RDQ battery... over discharged and possibly damaged the battery next time land 2:15 or sooner (wasn't watching mah used looks very accurate should have landed 20mah ago)

Crashed and broke my beloved Sparrow.
All sparrows must die eventually.  This one truly lived. I would give you a proper burial but I couldn't find all your parts I suppose I should sprinkle what's left of you in the garden so all your pieces can rest in peace together.



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