Skele7on HD

By Taylormadearmy on Feb 20, 2019

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I wanted to build a lightweight 2S 2.5" HD freestyle copter.

It started off with 0802 motors. It was ok, but i wanted a bit more oomph so I added a 1103 version which I do prefer.

My frame is designed to be printed in polycarbonate - in which it's indestructible. However I know that printing in PC is beyond the reach of many - so I've started adding slightly modified versions of my frames that are sturdier to be printed in nylon-cf and possibly ABS ,(I've tested nylon-cf and it's great! I don't print in ABS, but I'm hoping it's still good). I've not yet got around to adding a sturdier version of this frame - if anyone is interested let me know and I'll get off my backside and finalise and upload it.



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Christopher   May 10, 2019  

How many amps do you draw with this motor/prop combo?

Lesinho   Mar 02, 2019  

Some flying footage to show?

Taylormadearmy   Mar 14, 2019 

A bit too shakey still and still needs a tune.
I've also just replaced the camera holder printed in TPU rather than PC - not had a chance to fly it yet to see if that helps or makes it worse!

sergetania   Feb 21, 2019  

Could you please get off your backside and finish the sturdier frame? Very interested! Thank you very much! The frame looks great

Taylormadearmy   Feb 21, 2019 

As you asked so nicely :)
Its now posted!

sergetania   Feb 21, 2019 

Nice! Thanks a lot! I want to print it in PolyMax PLA that's very strong for a PLA.

KryptoSteel24   Feb 21, 2019  

65mm props are the way to go :)

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