The 360 Deadcat - Project399 Super G Pus

By BrOverBee on Mar 17, 2019

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I wanted to do something special with this quad besides just send it far away. After seeing a bunch of other builds and talkin to several other people, I stumbled on bobesh oz (link below) and his Insta360 One X video (or as I soon found out, one of many). I instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do with the Super G Plus - turn it into a long range 360 platform, so I present to you the The 360 Deadcat.

All of the TPU mounts came from FrenchB, who has an excellent build here on the site (link below). He worked with me to come up with a mount for the 360 and we're continuing to talk about a boom mount as well to help get the same effect seen in bobesh oz's video.

The build was super easy, and I'm excited to get this quad in the air and tuned up. If you're building one of these, you can use the screen-grab below for Jet's PIDs from his build. He posted these to his Project399 FB page for anyone to use, so to save you from searching I've posted them here as well.

I'm going to start this build with a session 5, but once I'm assured everything is tuned up properly and I've done some range/endurance tests with it, the 360 cam is going to get mounted and not come off again except for charging and downloads!


bobesh oz:

FrenchB's Build:



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Farmer Fpv   Apr 16, 2019  

do you know what betaflight firmware he is running when he posted that tune?

thanks Dromie 👊

BrOverBee   Apr 16, 2019 

Whatever it was just before they started teasing 4.0.

Farmer Fpv   Apr 16, 2019 

heh they're always teasing with something lol


Farmer Fpv   Apr 16, 2019  

damn that's a huge battery no problem carrying it huh? I guess not about to watch your videos and most likely subscribe to your Channel. amazing build!!🙏🔥

BrOverBee   Apr 16, 2019 

7in props don't care! It's about 900g all up, but no, I've gotten close to 20minutes out of it. I just wouldn't recommend treating it like a freestyle quad, the battery doesn't really like high amp-draw situations.

Farmer Fpv   Apr 16, 2019 

yeah I got a little too much freestyle in my blood. definitely going to go to lighter setup but I do still want to get some range out of it. still a toss-up on what I'm going to do, might have to build another one just for cruising.

anyway thanks for sharing your build.



Oeliboeb   Mar 19, 2019  

you've earned my sub. That's one hell of an edit

BrOverBee   Mar 19, 2019 

Ha! It's such a fun camera, thanks and welcome to the channel!

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