The Beast 4"

By Mr_Meatbeard on Apr 26, 2019

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3D printed the frame while waiting for it to be cut by Armattan Productions to plan the layout. This was a complicated build due to the oversized 20x20 boards of the Airbot stack. Mounted them rotated 90 degrees in the end to allow me to fit the VTX and Turtle board in the second stack position.
Have upgraded to the glass Turtle lens which was a decent upgrade.
There is a small SPDT switch which allows me to switch between the Turtle and the Monster. The Monster has a significantly better FPV feed to the Turtle.



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virtual_stephen   Jul 04, 2020  

Do you have a link to the TPU adapter?

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virtual_stephen   16 days ago 

The xt60 and antenna mount, looks very useful. Would be excellent if you are able to share the model (the STL file), thanks.

Mr_Meatbeard   15 days ago 

ive uploaded this using my phone so hopefully it works!

virtual_stephen   15 days ago 

You're a star! Thanks so much.

TeamWolfFPV   Apr 30, 2019  

2 things: Who is Ann and why does she like your frames? And you have a sticker?! PS: I like your XT60 adapter

Mr_Meatbeard   Apr 30, 2019 

Haha no idea who Ann is! And yeah I had some stickers cut because they were on offer. Thanks for the comment on the XT60 holder!

fovea   Apr 27, 2019  

Very nice! how do you add the two camera feeds to a switch? can you probably add a description link?
thanks in advance

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fovea   Apr 27, 2019 

its a switch on the quad, not connected to the transmitter?

Mr_Meatbeard   Apr 27, 2019 

yeah its on the quad itself. i only use it to set up the angle. like i said in the build, i reqlly dislike the FPV feed from the turtle so i never use it in flight.

fovea   Apr 27, 2019 

thanks alot for explain - usfull advanced simplicity ;-)

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