The Gatehunter RS 5

By Dave_C FPV on Feb 27, 2019

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The Gatehunter RS5 is a purebred racer and comes in at reasonably light 76 grams including all hardware and canopy.
I put this final version through a lot of abuse during racing practice and haven't broken a single arm yet.
The single (now 5mm thick) bottom plate is the heart of the desing. It keeps the profile super low while still leaving enough space
to comfortably mount two 30x30 boards. The canopy has a flat underside designed to stick a TBS unify on it with some double sided tape.
Speaking of the canopy; This is the Thingiverse link to both the Lollipop and SMA version.
Carbon parts are available on Armattan Productions:
Stay tuned, the 6" Version as well as a 7" long range conversion with GoPro mount will follow soon!
Hope you guys enjoy it!

Key Specs:

  • 5.1" Props with good prop separation (slightly increased gap between the props. I used to fly 5" props on )
  • Strech X
  • 30x30 Stack mount only (Listen to Kabab, don't use 20x20 ESCs on 5" ;-) )
  • 76g total weight including hardware and TPU canopy (I recommend sainsmart TPU, great stuff!)
  • 5mm single arms (I decided not to use boomerang arms. The single arms hold up extremley well and a boomerang configuration is much much more expensive)
  • 16x16 motor hole pattern for 22xx & 23xx motors with 4 screws (using only 2 or 3 is rediculous imo)
  • Lollipop / Axii or SMA antanna mount
  • 19mm camera mount ( Fits even the bigger Runcam Micro Eagle)

PS: Still pretty impressed by how well the cheap components perform and how durable they are!!
And I haven't even tuned it yet to be honest. Just adjusted the rates to my ususal ones ans it flies absoluteley amazing.
I'll definitelty continue to use this setup for practice.
For the upcoming Aircrasher races this summer I will use a more hig end 6S setup tho...



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the Skonk   Apr 02, 2019  

kabab is full of shit ive been running 2020 stacks ( ori32/nanov6 ) on my 6s racers for over 6 months.. i got birds all 6s and they are rock soild

sharkbyte   Mar 07, 2019  

This is an awesme frame and a very clean and effecient build!
I have searched the armattan site up and down and never noticed this frame.

Dave_C FPV   Mar 08, 2019 

Thanks man! It's only been up on Armattan since a few days so probably thats why you missed it

Minichado   Mar 07, 2019  

I have to say, I saw this on instagram, and friggin love it. it's like a slightly tinier version of what I race, and it follows all the same principles. clean as hell man!

b00jFPV   Mar 03, 2019  

sexy! are 2306-2400kv going to be overkill on this with 4s?

Dave_C FPV   Mar 03, 2019 

Thanks! It think 2306 2400kv could be pretty perfect

Mahagoni   Feb 28, 2019  

Nice build. What's the AUW without battery?

Dave_C FPV   Feb 28, 2019 

It's 280 grams. Shouldn't be too hard to go down to 260g. I feel like the 2207 2600kV are kind of overkill for most tracks.
Probably I will go for 2206 on 1800kV on 6S. That already saves like 15-20 grams ...

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