Rotorama Samurai 5 & RC Split Mini HD

By bigtuni on Mar 02, 2019

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This is my 3rd Samurai. After 2 totally destroyed ones I still need this one, despite its main weakness, which is also its strong point. Very thin frame/arms/body, very low weight. It flies simply amazing, nothing accelerates or gives hangtime like this guy.
This time I needed some changes though:

  • I upgraded the top beams, had them cut from light alloy with a bit more height to accomodate the HD-cam pcb
  • I wanted a built-in HD-cam, so I did choose the Split Mini 2 (should be called the V3 as it already differs again from the first V2).
  • Graupners super tiny RX; GR12L SUMD with diversity is a perfect match
  • Full size FC with built in VTX to save on height for the Runcam-PCB

NOTE: frame and motors are for sale incl many frames parts

And here is the maiden.



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gilesclement   Mar 24, 2019  

would you have any suggestions on how to set the vtx channel on the LDARC board?

bigtuni   Mar 24, 2019 

Hi, this can be done via the transmitter in the Betaflight-OSD.

gilesclement   Mar 24, 2019 

I have a spektrum transmitter, tried going into the VTX menu there and setting it with no sucess. I did have the video start working this mornign for a bit but it's gone again on reboot.

gilesclement   Mar 24, 2019 

Ok, think i finally figured it out. Went through the transmitter. Thank for the suggestion.

fovea   Mar 19, 2019 

very nice thanks alot! what a flytime 5min, awesome!!

fovea   Mar 03, 2019  

nice! what does it weight? a videopost would be very nice

bigtuni   Mar 03, 2019 

my scale is out of battery, but I guess it is 240g or slightly less. As soon as I have a better day here I will go for a flight incl HD-footage

fovea   Mar 03, 2019 

very nice thanks

bigtuni   Mar 18, 2019 

yup, it is 240g, added new video, enjoy.

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