Gatehunter RS6 V1.1

By Dave_C FPV on Mar 04, 2019

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I decided to rebuild my 6 inch 6S setup with a few updates. Apart from switching to a much stiffer 5mm bottom plate
I re-designed the canopy to fit a standart GoPro mount and and an SMA type antenna.
Main objective of the updates was to make the build more mid-range capable and have HD video while still being "race ready" after taking off the GoPro.
I get around 3.5 km of range out the video system. After that the quality goes down noticeably. Flight times over 6 minutes are no probem with a 1300mah 6S flown very carefully. I also tried using 2x1300mah 4S and it flies surprisingly good for some relaxed long range cruising.

The standard GoPro mount is just super convenient! I got really annoyed every time I had to pull my GoPro out of one of the usual TPU mounts to put it on another quad. Also being able to adjust the camera angle is a really cool feature. The downside is that the camera kind of sticks out in the front. But I suppose there are some solutions to that already on Thinigverse.

Since I got quite a lot of requestst, the frame is now available from Armattan Productions
The TPU parts are on Thingiverse: You will need a 20x5mm screw and a Propnut to fix the cam.
Armattan usually takes a while to ship but their manufacturing quality is really great.



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CombreFPV   Mar 29, 2019  

Can u mount your esc just to the left or right side? Looks like very limited space

EuthaNasi   Mar 08, 2019  

The soldering on the 4-in-1 looks amazing! Any tips? What iron and solder do you use? Great build and footage, gets me tempted to build something long range...

Dave_C FPV   Mar 08, 2019 

Nothing special to be honest. I use a cheap soldering station & some lead solder from Amazon.
Using a bit of flux and a bigger soldering tip always helps a lot.

The Van   Mar 07, 2019  

Ultra clean. Take my money? :)

Jaub   Mar 04, 2019  

How do you like the amxinno motors?

Dave_C FPV   Mar 04, 2019 

I love them. Really good motors!

Dave_C FPV   Mar 04, 2019  

Some flying footage (its not the exact same setup but very similar) :

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