Tiny Shark 2s Spring '19

By flickischris on Mar 29, 2019

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Diving deeper into the micro world with this tinyshark fueled by Airblade UAV 1103 10,000kv motors.

Not having osd on this board is tricky, but it forced me to learn how to utilize and set up telemetry. I set up RSSI and low voltage warnings along with flight mode call outs.



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yoodog   Apr 10, 2020  

have you flown it 1s? What is AUW with which battery? What is the flight time? trying to grasp efficiency of those motors on 1s

Jodie Froster   Mar 31, 2019  

Well first of all, tinysharks represent an excellent convergence of style, effeciency, and tip-top-teeny-tiny-tech, so conga-rats! Now the question: why would you use a different FC if it meant flying without an OSD? I'm glad you expanded your skillset (for real), but I bet you're ready to go ahead and get that OSD back, aren't ya'?

flickischris   Mar 31, 2019 

I didnt realize the FC didnt have OSD. I Wanted an FC with an onboard FRSKY reciever to save weight, thats why i went with the tinyfish F3. Not having OSD really isnt an issue for me if i have telemetry.

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