Tehllama Fluffy Unicorn Floss2.1 6" 2208 Heavy

By tehllama on Mar 07, 2019

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This is an artifact of settling on my template for my 2019 racing setup, and something closer to what I'd actually recommend for newer pilots.

This is the ultimate versatility option: 6" frame 6S-Ready setups, which can be very easily used with 5", 5.5", or 6" propellers, and used with 4S, 5S, and 6S batteries.

This flexibility allows for virtually any type of flying, although the weight of these motors, and some of my somewhat unnecessary bling options has resulted in reduced crash durability, and making this a bit portly for a precision racing setup. The upside is that these super-powerful motors make this one of the fastest setups I have for wide open courses.

The frame is a 6" Floss 2.1. The canopy is a PHX-3D Solutions Canopy, and I've added Purple PyroWire LEDs in addition to an extra CJMCU 8-LED panel on the back. I'm still partial to running DAL T5046C props in clear purple (although I also really like how it flies on Gemfan 5149's - and Gemfan 5146.6 props). This also works quite well with Gemfan 6042 props (biblade and triblade), and also is a great testbed for the Banggood 6055x3 props - which are really cheap, but not the most efficient or grippy... just fast. The other surprise revelation is how good the 5552 props are - especially compared to the 5152 props on which they're based.
The pictures here don't do it justice for how good it looks with any of those propellers in any kind of lighting.

The flight control stack is all I'd change (I'd run the PyroF4/Furling or PyroF4/35A stack). In this case, I'm rolling on a Cicada 6S 30A, which is excellent, and a Furibee F4 V5. Yup, still a solid flight controller if you add capacitors to the 5V rail and soft-mount it, but these aren't in stock anymore, and most importantly lack the ability to use smartaudio OR a Pit PinI/O switch to turn off video.
I've added the big honking 35V 1000uF capacitor on there, and spent a lot of that troubleshooting a failed DMA channel as a result from a fire using a cheaper 4-in-1 ESC. Still, this FC soldiers on, even though I'm using the TX6 pad to control Motor #3

As a practical consideration, I'm hoping that iFlight releases a 2208 XING POPO versionin 2150KV to build more of these, but as a budget proof of concept this setup is phenomenal.

Practically speaking, on 6S this rig is already extremely fast, especially given the weight. It feels like I have to plan an extra half second ahead because of the extra weight, but it has so much power it's like trying to race a muscle car on a road course.


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