TBS Source One Freestyle build

By master_jansens on Mar 07, 2019

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TBS Source One Freestyle build:

7/10 dificultly
AUW: 695

Builders Notes:

Chamfer the carbon with some light sandpaper (make sure to use water)
Plan your layout BEFORE you cut your wires
Use zipties for reciever antenas as shown in pictures
Tuck r-xsr under camera (might get some noise, idk)

For a rundown of the parts check my youtube video⏬



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Junnicutt   4 days ago  

Is that just hot glue around the connectors? Is it just to secure them better?

master_jansens   3 days ago 

If you are refering to the whitish stuff on the two xrotor boards, it came like that out of the box. Probably to secure it as you said.

MATEKMAN   14 days ago  

your feelings about xing motors ?

master_jansens   14 days ago 

So far they seem good. They are supper smooth and quite. When I was testing them, full throttle sounded like nothing. I can't say too much now becase to be honest, I havent had time to fly this thing FPV yet.

RZFPV   15 days ago  

can you show some pictures on how u mounted the mach 3

master_jansens   15 days ago 

Sure, I just added some pics. In case you can't tell, I uses some double sided tape. You can also use a zip tie.

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