RotoriousFPV Zoot 3"

By MaximusFPV on Mar 08, 2019

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So some of you may not know this, but RotoriousFPV's Jack Seymour and I have been pretty good friends from the beginning. One of my first (brushed!) frames was the Speck 80, like I'm talking right after he released it with TPU parts instead of Delrin ones. So when he had come personal stuff and took a break for a few months, I was kinda sad! I had flown quite a few of his frames and never been let down the least, and I wondered if he'd ever get back to it.
Well, he's back with a vengeance!
He released the Zoot a few months back, and I bought one pretty soon after cuz a) it's a bit different than my usual style and b) I had to, seeing as THE MAN was finally back in the game!

This is a solid frame. I've flown it mostly in the snow cuz, ya know, northern climates and whatnot, and it can handle knowcks against ice and frozen ground and all that without breaking a sweat. Add to that the 1304STs and it's almost got to much power for its own good! To help with that, I got an SQ12 (since he made such a nice mount for it), but it died soon after (hey, $10, can't complain). However, I had a Turtle V1 sitting in my bin and decided to quickly CAD a mount to adapt that into the SQ12 mount the Zoot already has, and voila, I had real HD on my micro for the first time ever! The exra weight is definitely noticeable but it's not a dealbreaker at all and it actually makes it better suited to HD since it slows things down and makes it a little smoother.
Other than that, it's a pretty easy build. There's plenty of room for whatever you need, obviously, seeing as I fit 2 boards, a VTX, an RX, and a Turtle into mine (although it is a bit tight). The balance is excellent (though better without an HD cam) and the top mount battery option makes it incredibly locked in and smooth to fly. Overall, it's a joy to build and fly!



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MakeitHappen   May 09, 2019  

Nice setup! Whats the battery sizes used and flight times?

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