Purple Sky (Druckbär Ultralight 3 / Ultralight Race Upside down Remix)

By Nightprowler on May 17, 2019

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The goal was a 5'-Copter under 250g because of local restrictions.
I really like the frame designed bei Christian from Druckbär racing frames.
I started with the standard 5' frame. After some issues with touching props I modified the center body with the racing arms and changed the position of the arms to the upper side.
I'm still a beginner in fpv-flying but I really like that frame.
I also tested biblade-props but I prefer triblades even with the higher weight.



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IcarusIX   May 21, 2019  

performace? speed? also what biblade props did u try? Also props, this looks like one of my fave builds here

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Nightprowler   Jun 07, 2019 

Thanks for the tip, sounds like a try :-)

Nightprowler   Jul 27, 2019 

So guys, I have accepted your questions as a challenge. I ordered the following props:
Kingkong 5040 2.3g
Emax Avan-S 4.1g
Dalprop 5050C 3.9g
Racekraft DCS 5038 3.5g

Kingkong 5040 3.9g
Dalprop T5040C 4.1g
T-Motor T5143 3.8g
Racekraft S5048 4.3g

The old adage "Never change a running system" was probably never as correct as here: The copter flies with triblades wonderfully, with biblades it is a pure material battle.

With the triblades he flies like a machine and I am wonderfully satisfied with my flying style.
With the biblades, the engines turns higher, and the consequence is that I lost a total of five arms and three motors in 5 attempts with biblades. Every time clean demolished right behind the engine.

At first I could not believe it was actually the biblades, but none of the problems occurred in any way with the triblades.
Unfortunately, I have little data from the biblades because the arms are broken really fast. The arms are broken even on a purely vertical flight!
On very gentle flight I had slightly longer flight times (definitely without fullspeed share) but not surprising because of the careful flight. The amps were accordingly a little lower.

Thanks to you, I have now found a new favorite triblade: T5143 from T-Motor. (In second place are now the Dalprop and the Racekraft, even the 48pitch )

Concerning the biblades, the kingkong were the most tolerable. Dalprop and Emax have torn the Copter arms to pieces.

I hope the information is interesting for you and you understand that due to the wear and tear I will not carry out any further big test series regarding the biblades.

PS: Soon another build follows, again a Druckbär, but now 6s and auw <250g :-)

Nightprowler   Jul 27, 2019 

Short supplement (forgotten):
Dalprop T5047C 5.5g (triblade)

fovea   May 18, 2019  

nice build! do you try the dal t5051c?

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MattS   May 29, 2019 

I'm honestly kinda shocked those 1506 3400kv motors are swinging a heavy 5" prop on 4S. Very impressed with the overall build weight!! I'm interested in seeing video of this quad flying with heavy 5" triblades compared to a light weight 5" bi-blade (emax Avan or something similar). Great work!

Nightprowler   May 30, 2019 

thank you very much. At the Moment I‘m wating vor Avans after that I will try ty make some comparing video. But it will be just DVR, no HD 😉

fovea   May 30, 2019 

an hd video from these pure-ultralight would be a shame... ;-) very nice -awaiting for your dvr post..

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