Purple Sky (Druckbär Ultralight 3 / Ultralight Race Upside down Remix)

By Nightprowler on May 17, 2019

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The goal was a 5'-Copter under 250g because of local restrictions.
I really like the frame designed bei Christian from Druckbär racing frames.
I started with the standard 5' frame. After some issues with touching props I modified the center body with the racing arms and changed the position of the arms to the upper side.
I'm still a beginner in fpv-flying but I really like that frame.
I also tested biblade-props but I prefer triblades even with the higher weight.



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IcarusIX   29 days ago  

performace? speed? also what biblade props did u try? Also props, this looks like one of my fave builds here

Nightprowler   29 days ago 

I'm flying freestyle, so the maximum speed is not my main focus. The performance is really enough for my flying skills. I find it hard to describe the performance without speedtests or videos.
I tested 5040 Gemfans and KinKongs. I will try Dalprop 5050 Cyclone Biblade and Racekraft 5038 next.
Thanks for the compliments ;-)

jwangdk   17 days ago 

Maybe try the TMotor T5143 props?
They're not very durable, but super light, very smooth and extremely fast to spin up!

Nightprowler   13 days ago 

Thanks for the tip, sounds like a try :-)

fovea   May 18, 2019  

nice build! do you try the dal t5051c?

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MattS   21 days ago 

I'm honestly kinda shocked those 1506 3400kv motors are swinging a heavy 5" prop on 4S. Very impressed with the overall build weight!! I'm interested in seeing video of this quad flying with heavy 5" triblades compared to a light weight 5" bi-blade (emax Avan or something similar). Great work!

Nightprowler   21 days ago 

thank you very much. At the Moment I‘m wating vor Avans after that I will try ty make some comparing video. But it will be just DVR, no HD 😉

fovea   21 days ago 

an hd video from these pure-ultralight would be a shame... ;-) very nice -awaiting for your dvr post..

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