HypeX 3" , the hypebeast

By Rc Exp on Mar 09, 2019

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So this is by far the best 3'' quadcopter I've ever flown... BY FAR.

It all started when a similar setup on a lizard 180 frame on 4'' props started to show its weak points. The whole frame felt like an air brake and I didn't like the mounting options available, not to mention it was a frame from more or less the stone age.

That's when a friend of mine announced his new line if frames and he said he was doing a 3'' one and knowing how big of a micro fan I am he sent me one for testing. I couldn't be more happy with it. It withstands crashes like a champ, is ultra light coming in at about 240 grams with a 4s 850mah, has super thin yet strong arms and makes us admire its sleek design.

The new vtx is amazing and I finally switched to taranis so I have 0 range issues.

Also the 3040 v1s props are the best 3'' I've tried without a doubt: they're super smooth, fast and controllable. They also can take a beating (I have not change the props yet and they're only a bit scratched)

thanks for reading :)

By the way red makes it faster so yeah



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drewbagel423   1 day ago  

How do you like the AKK? I've seen a  lot of people have complaining about noise.

Rc Exp   1 day ago 

Mine works awesome. Haven't heard too many complaints about the fx3 specifically but yeah, crystal clear without capacitators or lc filters.

BraunyFPV   10 days ago  

is this a good first build? looks awesome

Rc Exp   10 days ago 

maybe not because of the 4300kv motors in such a light and skinny frame. Put some 3600kv ane perfect 1st

Rc Exp   11 days ago  

Yo whiffles, I know you're seeing this... Can we get this post to featured? SMASH THAT FEATURED BUTTON LIT

sergetania   11 days ago 

We need no whiffles for that! 😉

Rc Exp   10 days ago 

just wanted to make sure 🤣🤣

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