HypeX 3" , the hypebeast

By Rc Exp on Mar 09, 2019

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So this is by far the best 3'' quadcopter I've ever flown... BY FAR.

It all started when a similar setup on a lizard 180 frame on 4'' props started to show its weak points. The whole frame felt like an air brake and I didn't like the mounting options available, not to mention it was a frame from more or less the stone age.

That's when a friend of mine announced his new line if frames and he said he was doing a 3'' one and knowing how big of a micro fan I am he sent me one for testing. I couldn't be more happy with it. It withstands crashes like a champ, is ultra light coming in at about 240 grams with a 4s 850mah, has super thin yet strong arms and makes us admire its sleek design.

The new vtx is amazing and I finally switched to taranis so I have 0 range issues.

Also the 3040 v1s props are the best 3'' I've tried without a doubt: they're super smooth, fast and controllable. They also can take a beating (I have not change the props yet and they're only a bit scratched)

thanks for reading :)

By the way red makes it faster so yeah



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drewbagel423   Mar 19, 2019  

How do you like the AKK? I've seen a  lot of people have complaining about noise.

Rc Exp   Mar 19, 2019 

Mine works awesome. Haven't heard too many complaints about the fx3 specifically but yeah, crystal clear without capacitators or lc filters.

BraunyFPV   Mar 09, 2019  

is this a good first build? looks awesome

Rc Exp   Mar 10, 2019 

maybe not because of the 4300kv motors in such a light and skinny frame. Put some 3600kv ane perfect 1st

Rc Exp   Mar 09, 2019  

Yo whiffles, I know you're seeing this... Can we get this post to featured? SMASH THAT FEATURED BUTTON LIT

sergetania   Mar 09, 2019 

We need no whiffles for that! 😉

Rc Exp   Mar 10, 2019 

just wanted to make sure 🤣🤣

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