MaximusFPV Minuteman 2.5"

By MaximusFPV on Mar 09, 2019

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If you talk to anyone who's seen me around the track or field, they'll tell you that I'm opposed to ever building a 5", almost to a comical degree, actually. I have tried one, but I just didn't enjoy the feel I guess, and I decided that micros were just kinda my niche.
Well, why half ass two things when you can whole ass one thing? Or something like that.
However, up until now, my only real "micro" frame as in MultiGP-spec, colloquial "micro" that could perhaps win some races or do some sick freestyle was the LiteWav, and as fun as it was, it had some flaws. I never intended it to be my final micro frame, and have been thinking about how I could improve it (or start from scratch) ever since. One thing I decided was that I needed to do a pod. It felt like some sort of CAD-rite-of-passage to design a frame with a fully-enclosed TPU pod. I also decided that I wanted some beefier arms, and support for whatever motors you might wanna throw on this bad boy, no matter how ridiculous. So, over my winter break, I spent a couple dozen hours in Fusion and came up with this!
To carry it even further, you can also look out for a plus version and an HD (dual stack, more recessed camera mount) version coming soon for those looking for those sort of niche builds!

Being my design, it felt like a pretty straightforward build to me, and everyone I've heard from agrees. I decided to go with 20mm standoffs because I didn't really intend this to be a decked out HD micro that would carry a 15-board stack and dual cameras etc. I wanted a simple, sexy, sleek micro that could take various prop sizes (2-3") and be versatile enough to support lots of different build styles but not so versatile that it ends up being one of those six-inch-wide Swiss Army knives that's so clunky and excessive as to be laughable. That was one of my main issues with the LiteWav frames, and I think I addressed it well in the Minuteman lineup.
I also added support for the Micro AXII, but didn't realize that every manufacturer has slightly different sized antennas of this style (e.g. the Foxeer Lollipop) because of course they do, why make it easy right? Anyway, I think the Micro AXII is a great antenna, but you can always just pop the antenna through the hole and not sheath it if yours doesn't fit. You've been warned.
Besides that, I can fit my 2 boards and RX pretty easily, and probably VTX too except that I didn't get a stubby AXII, so I stuck my VTX to the canopy to account for the coiled-up coax on top of my stack. You could also add LEDs if you want for racing. Hell, tell me what LEDs you like and gimme some good measurements and I'll even make you a mount!
I also added slots for the camera mounting, so the shorter CADDX cameras can fit without the pod in view, but the longer ones like my favorite, the Foxeer Micro Arrow Pro, can slide back and be relatively safe unless you're just super unlucky and nail it right on the lens.
Oh and one more thing. The threaded inserts (an idea I totally didn't steal from the Rotorious Zoot) don't fit super tight, and that's on purpose. They're just supposed to be like hex nuts but cleaner and more secure.

If you have anything you think I should add, feel free to email the site or just drop me a line on the FB page (, especially if its about prints. I like making extra little things I can include with orders and add to the Thingiverse page (which houses every STL for every frame I didn't delete before making the Thingiverse). Other than that, I hope you consider a Minuteman for your next micro build!



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Burning North   5 days ago  

Man, this is gorgeous! I just ordered one of your frames and I'm probably gonna duplicate like 80% of this build. Can't wait!

FissionBomb   6 days ago  

I feel like you spent a ton of time on this in R &D. u deserve way more kudos than my crappy 2 sentence comment.

acromode   9 days ago  

flight times?

sergetania   10 days ago  

Micros rock! 3" is the biggest I have ever built. Not even sure why nothing bigger. Great frame! 👍
Maybe consider a 4mm thick 3" frame?

Notagolf   10 days ago  

Nice work

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