6" Ghost 2 Freestyle

By cklinga on Mar 10, 2019

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Weight without GoPro-mount and camera (with 5249 Cyclone-props): 289gr
Weight with GoPro-mount and camera (with 5249 Cyclone-props): 387gr

This is my take on making a lightweight freestyle FPV racing drone. The idea is that I can just remove the camera mount, change the props and use it as a pure racer as the frame is intended for. Really tight build but I enjoyed it, especially thinking out the best solution for mounting the different components. I am especially happy with the stack-mounted TBS Unify which sits on a carbon fibre plate. It is perfectly hidden away just below the top plate. This was also my first time using sleeves for the motor cables, hence they are not perfect.

One of the challenges was to find a good spot for the capacitor for the ESC. These ESCs from Hobbywing seems to hate running without caps so it really was no option to skip using one. I managed to fit it just below the antenna mount in between of the battery wires and in the end it came out great.

I like the 6 inch frame because I can easily up the prop size to increase efficiency for cruising or decrease the prop size to make it into a quick 5 inch race monster. It only weighs a few grams more than the 5 inch version. I will mainly be running 5249 or 5550 cyclones for quick flying and gemfan 6042s for cruising and light freestyle. Batteries will vary from 4s1300 to 4s1800.

More on the frame, I have to praise it for its quality. The carbon fibre looks perfect with chamfered edges and it is almost to pretty to fly. And for this price, it is just insane.

I have yet to test fly it, and I will once the snow and cold weather is gone. It will be interesting to compare the flying characteristics and effeciency to my other (heavier) freestyle drones.

Changes to come are:

  1. Switching to a better (vertical) mounting position for the 900MHz-antenna, currently looking for a good .stl-file.
  2. Changing FPV-camera- and FPV-antenna mounts to different 3D-printed ones.



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mgeeforce   7 days ago  

Nice build! Here are a couple 900mhz antenna mounts that mount on a standoff. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3482702 , https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3340909

duke_vah   9 days ago  

such a nice and clear build. I look forward to seeing some video. I have built 6" with ghost mode 2 frame but I am still having a hard time to get ride of jello in my hd videos. I know it is hard to get rid of jello in 6" frame, but this one gives me so much trouble. I hope you will share your PID so we can have a judge about the range of PID values.

cklinga   8 days ago 

Thank you for your comment! I will upload videos and pids when I'm done tuning it.

M490fpv   9 days ago  

Clean build! I like the plain black theme!

cklinga   8 days ago 

Thank you! Turned out great with black color

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