Beta75X Lunchbox 3D part Mod

By rivermtn on Mar 14, 2019

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This is my first try to build a HD whoop based on Beta75X and the lunchbox fpv 3D print camera frame.

After many small mods, this build was proven to be quite durable, good for level flying and mild acro.

Key issues during the test flights and my solution:

1) Noisy FPV signal from the Caddx Turtle V2 camera
I added a small capacitor and LC filter under the FC, the FPV feed quality is better noticably.

2) Yaw washout during fast descending
There are several guides out there to deal with this on a overweighted whoop. Basically I change front props rotation as prop out and tuned up the idle speed.

3) The camera will bump onto the VTX
Actually I've damaged the cable and the VTX when I crash this thing hard on concreate floor. Then I mounted the camera upside down and added a small pad under the camera prevent the cable to gotten squeezed and dampen the force during the crash.

4) Fix the 3D printed camera support to the frame.
I drilled small holes on the arms of the camper support, then use cable tie to secure it to th frame.

The Beta75X seems to be very strong, after so many crashes, I've yet to damage any key structure. However the smll ribs of the battery holder is pro to break. I insert small carbon rods to strenghten that area.



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The iFlight XL5 V3 is a fantastic freestyle frame for the price. It features chamfered edges on some very nice quality carbon fiber. My goal for this build was to use high quality components at a relatively low price. Not only that, but I managed to reduce the number of solder points to the bare minimum. I've never built such a plug-in-play quad! The flight controller has an integrated VTX and doesn't..

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Update! Happymodel has released a new V2 Frame which uses a more durable plastic. The Happymodel Mobula7 is one of those rare treats to hit the micro scene. Countless models hit the market every month, but this one just happens to check all the boxes. It's a 2S brushless micro with a 75mm motor stance. It's slightly larger than the more traditional 65mm brushed micros, but it's still quite small...

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