Falcon Multirotors Apoc 5"

By Minichado on Mar 14, 2019

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LAZD was awesome enough to send me this new frame, designed in colaboration with Apoc, for evaluation. It is a modification of the Falcon Multirotors Featherlight (which I already own and fly) that improves on camera protection*, and goes from a stretch x to a true x layout. Apoc primarily flies freestyle, so this is not designed persay as a racer.

I threw on some 2206 2600kv redbutts from.. 3 years ago? still trucking!, added some racewire mini (thanks Whitenoisefpv!), and picked up a mamba stack (20amp esc+ 25amp burst, will see if it's up to the task). I also have really been watning to test these gemfan 5149 whiskey props I got at nationals. I had to use a 20x20 stack as that is what this is designed for, so it is my first time buying one of those (for a 5" rig, I've build 16x16 micros etc)

I'm a little nervous about the esc being undersized so instead of throwing on xt60 and going full 1300-1550 lipos, I'm starting with xt30 and 850mah 4s. Should be totally fine without gopro, and I will baby step testing with gopro before upping to full size lipo. As it it is roughly 374gm without gopro, and 447 with it, which is extremely light. for freestyle for 2.5 minutes it should be fine, but if I ever want to race it will need to have the lipo upgrade and less the gopro.

  • in my current setup, the camera doesn't fit with the mounts pointing intwards as the camera plug butts into the stack. I could rotate the stack, or only try exteme camera angles (see featherlight for the same issue) but for now I flipped the mount outwards and it works perfectly. this however reduces camera protection by.. well.. all of the protection I think :D Just don't crash!



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solaireFPV   Mar 14, 2019  

Ich libst das! The frame looks HAWT and the build it HAWT too!

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