Floss 2.1 T4A

By M490fpv on Mar 23, 2019

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I like to play with my ideas and see what the end result looks like.
So don't take this build too seriously :wink:

But tell me what you like?

Who loves Star Wars here? I think everyone! :smile:

The Lambda T4A shuttle is looking super gorgeous and I have been wanting to test,how the model would fit to quad as a canopy.
So I quick draw the canopy and made 2 different test proto prints from pla to fit everything in. I have struggled with the bed adhesion problems with nylon TA12. This first version canopy is printed from TPU98A. As soon i get the nylon to stick to printer bed, I will print a new stronger version.
Crash flip fin and arm protectors are also TPU.

Canopy includes a both sides mount for cap or receiver (in the side tanks), or vtx in the middle. I added the holes for zip ties.
Crash flip fin is detachable. I also added a AXII mount in the back.

I don't know how well this canopy can take a hit, but it looks cool to my eye! XD
If you like this design, feel free to remix!:
Canopy, fin and led holder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3512055
Arm protectors: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2874494

The components in this build (excluding VTX) are used. Just wanted to let them have a new life in this cool rig.



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fovea   Mar 23, 2019  

nice looking canopy! may the force be with you to create more replica-canopys! thank you for posting

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Nice comment you have! :)

Clarkr   Mar 23, 2019  

Thats really awesome. :)

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Thank You so much!!!

CarbonRain   Mar 24, 2019  

Absolute brilliance, love it! The LEDs are the icing on the cake, pure genius!

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Thank You so much!!!

22b   Mar 25, 2019  

Awesome, amazing and fantastic piece of quad you got there. :)

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Thank You so much!!!

Zerox fpv   Mar 25, 2019  

Hey man I have had 2 of the race 2 vtxs and haven't got smart audio working just wondering if you have the same issue

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Doesn't work with me either. Smart Audio 2.1 doesn't seem to work with Betaflight yet. If i understand correctly, this function is coming in the 4.0 version.
This is a new VTX to me as well, so no previous experience.
Here's a quick quote from RC groups, a TBS email: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3073449-Omnibus-Nano-F4-v6/page32#post41086115

"Thank you for your email.

The reason it is not working is because Betaflight team has not implemented SmartAudio 2.1 yet. The only way right now it can get SmartAudio 2.1 is through Crossfire receiver channel 4 (signal only ). Connect SA pin of this vtx to Crossfire channel 4.

Crossfire firmware should be updated to the latest 2.88. Set SmartAudio in the Crossfire Nano/Micro V2 output channel 4. This setting is inside Crossfire output mapping."

22b   Mar 25, 2019 

I have 3 of these and they are all working fine with the smartaudio v2.1 on 3.5.6. I read that the fix was pushed to this build, as well as the 4.0.

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2019 

Thank you! So I have to flash the 3.5.6 or later? Did you solder the "data" pin to tx pin? There are audia and data pins in the vtx and I soldered the data pin.

Whiffles   Mar 23, 2019  

Love the canopy, nice work! Did you design it yourself? I wonder how long it'll hold up.

M490fpv   Mar 24, 2019 

Yes, I designed it myself from scratch. It surely still needs some development, but is a good start. TPU98A seems to be surprisingly rigid, so I have no hurry to print the nylon version. the weakest point is off course the camera protection. I would not put an expensive cam in this...

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