No, THIS is a racing drone.

By ThumbzFPV on Mar 19, 2019

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You think your racer is cool looking? Good for you.
You've got an efficient long range 5" setup? Cute.
You don't think 2300kv can be fast? Think again.

Facetiousness aside, I know this build log sucks, it needs more pictures, and to be properly documented. With that said, oh my dear lord is this good. I won't be giving out many details of this little beastie.... I haven't... asked the designer of the prototype, per se, but I'm sure he'll be alright with it... probably. Who knows!

Aaaaanywho, have a looksie at this youtube compressed DVR and keep in mind this is the maiden voyage of the ship, and the lipo is only 4s 1300mah, flying for six minutes.

PS: The frame is not strictly the ARX R as listed, but is a working prototype.



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SkyLine FPV   May 04, 2019  

how good is this frame for long range? would it be good for a light and fast quad that could carry a gopro with the right mount?

ThumbzFPV   May 04, 2019 

I haven't gotten to use it for long range as of yet since I unfortunately don't have XRSF or R9. However I was getting 6 minutes of hard acro on a 1500mah 4S pack with APC 6x4.2x3 props. I'm keeping an eye out on a used R9 sytem to try it long range. And the developer has though about making a go pro mount, but its not a priority at the moment.

ThumbzFPV   Mar 20, 2019  

A slight update to thr log. The frame which is strictly the ARX-R V2 is now available on go check it out if you want one. This frame is truly an experience to build.

Jodie Froster   Mar 19, 2019  

I dig the canopy design

QuadStar Drones   Mar 19, 2019 

You can download the final canopy design here:

ThumbzFPV   Mar 19, 2019 

New canopy looks great!

Notagolf   Mar 19, 2019  

Interesting enamel coate wires

ThumbzFPV   Mar 19, 2019 

Yea, theyre probably not so necessary on this frame since it's meant for racing and not absolute top speed, but I'd never done it before and wanted to give it a shot.

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