Skidaddle Scdoodle, your frame sucks

By ThumbzFPV on Mar 24, 2019

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Who wants another barebones "build" log? You do!

I'll be building another one of these fairly soon, and that one will be a stretched 5" as opposed to this true X 6".

Here's a few different bits of DVR I got today trying to see what this little dude can actually do.

Some decent prox work, plus a bit of a crash:

Here's more of an endurance flight. I told myself that I was going to just cruise the entire pack and fly for as long as i absolutely could... but I got bored towards the end and started actually flying a bit. Oh well, still flew for 8.5 minutes!!

If anyone is interested in HOW you actually build one of these, I'll upload my proper build guide as soon as I get my new frame in, otherwise, I belieev that the designer of the frame (quadstardrones) is going to have a build log up sometime of his model quad. His builds are always gorgeous and his logs are actually.. well... good.
I hope y'all got a little something out of this, all other frames are dead to me. Cheers!


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kwadkenstine   Mar 24, 2019  

kick the enamil wires or at least put a flexiable link to the esc solder pad.
Vibrations and fatigue stresses will lift the pads off the bord quicker than you may think.

ThumbzFPV   Mar 25, 2019 

There's more give to them than you'd imagine. And the wires are taped tightly enough to the arms that any movement from the wires originating at the motors is ended at the tape. And if vibrations were to cause lifted pads then I'd have had it happen on other boards by now. The increased resistance of another joint in the motor wires isn't worth it to me either

kwadkenstine   Mar 25, 2019 

All cool , if experience tells you otherwise I STAND CORRECTED,
But if a novice tries without understanding the implications they may not have a good day

ThumbzFPV   Mar 25, 2019 

Oh for sure, using enameled wire is DEFINITELY not for beginners. It's a major pain in the ass to measure, and if you don't remove enough enamel to make a very strong joint, the wire willl desolder itself midflight, especially on a frame that pulls more amps than this.

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