DRINK BOTTLE SPEED CHALLANGE inspired by Quadstar Drones

By kwadkenstine on Mar 25, 2019

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I had a crazy idea. JUST FOR FUN
Drink bottle speed challange . Lets see how fast we can make them go.
And to be fair , because none of us has an unlimited budjet I propose a handycap points system .
Something like the cost of the build as shown below subtracted from top speed as seen in the dvr on osd just post a screen shot.
The only rule is the contence of the bottle be consumed (if safe ).
This is just a mockup .
Im looking at mounting the camera on a servo to make it adjustable in flight.
All input welcom



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IronMew   Apr 09, 2019  

Never seen motors like these. What are they, and what's with the weird base/mount?

kwadkenstine   Apr 09, 2019 

2212 3500kv edf . ducted fan.

QuadStar Drones   Apr 02, 2019  

I love it! 1000.8 times better than my first use of a bottle for aero. I'm a little behind on my rotorbuilds, otherwise yoi would have gotten the "like" earlier

kwadkenstine   Apr 02, 2019 

Cheers . Im glad ypu like it.
I neerly took it down cause i thought i might have offended you.
But the idea was to get peeps involved in an eco friendly way . No ttravell and recycling.
Ive had a few likes . Got anny ideas on how to get this rolling so people can post their results in one place.
Some video of some pretty specktacular crashes should be hillarious.
Cheers and thanks again.

QuadStar Drones   Apr 02, 2019 

I still haven't caught up - but yes, I was afraid you would have thought I was offended when I saw how long it was up! When I regularly refer to the XLR as project dildrone, it's hard (intended) to offend a person like me - now you've got a new category... I bet rcgroups would be the best place or maybe fpvlab. Fpvlab is where I came across the speed challenge that was started by roboforcerX2000.

Jaub   Mar 30, 2019  

Looks great! Do you have any dvr footage?

kwadkenstine   Mar 31, 2019 

no its still a mockup but i could have it flying in a day. i will finish it soon

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