Ivy Marmotte

By M490fpv on Mar 31, 2019

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I love Armattan frames!!
After 4 Roosters, 6 Chameleons and 2 Mongooses, it is time to check the brand new Marmotte :D

I anodized the camera cage with appx. 100V current. I think the titanium in the camera cage is not so good quality, than in early roosters. I could not get solid color. I have anodized several times and usually parts get really solid color, now the parts started boiling and the color got rainbow effect. Luckily I have rainbow color motors, so it looks really cool! :P

I designed new light wire protectors to arms and printed them from soft TPU82A, so they are easy to slide over the arms. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3532763

Also quick draw a mount for Immortal-T antenna/Frsky R9 Mini and Unify Race 2. These parts, including the stack nuts are printed from neon green TPU98A.

Painted the micro eagle titanium gray to match the aluminium parts.

What you think?


Part List


Marmotte (48 builds)

Flight Controller

HyperLite F4 OSD (7 builds)


Holybro Tekko32 35A 4-in-1 BLHeli32 3-6s ESC (73 builds)


4 x Hyperlite R6 2207-1722 HV EDITION By Brother Hobby



FPV Camera

Runcam Micro Eagle (236 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Team BlackSheep TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race MMCX (3 builds)


FrSky R9MM Long Range 915MHz RC Receiver - Get Yours Today! - RMRC (42 builds)
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RevvRav   Apr 07, 2019  

Awesome build! Do you get the Ti frame in the fpv feed with the micro eagle and does it fit without spacers as its 19mm?

M490fpv   Jun 25, 2019 

sorry, have missed your question. no, frame does not come to fpv feed when they are adjusted to and the camera mounting bars are flexible, so they bend easily to 19mm cam.

StickyRice   Apr 05, 2019  

DUDEE those arm gaurds are LIT!!! they looks so gooddddd and it just pops out!!

M490fpv   Apr 05, 2019 

Thanks! 👍 Feel free to print yours, check the thingiverse link. 😊

catSupremacy   Apr 01, 2019  

hey could you post the file for the receiver and t antenna mount? thx!

M490fpv   Apr 01, 2019 

Sure! I just have to tinker it a bit. I will post the stl later this week.

M490fpv   Apr 04, 2019 

Check the description now :)

catSupremacy   Apr 04, 2019 


fovea   Apr 02, 2019  

wireprotector, nice beautiful design!

M490fpv   Apr 02, 2019 

Thank you! :)

Iamhugo01   Apr 02, 2019  

love the light wire protectors, thanks for sharing!

M490fpv   Apr 02, 2019 

Thank you!!

Doctor_fpv   Apr 01, 2019  

love it. besides the wires on the esc. looks great not practical. keep up the killer builds.

M490fpv   Apr 02, 2019 

Thank you!

zombetto   Apr 01, 2019  

Really nice!!! Love it.

M490fpv   Apr 01, 2019 

thanks!!! 👍

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