4“ bash_crash_repair_repeat

By fovea on Mar 28, 2019

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my everyday bash-crasher. like them alot, crash them alot... dont spend anything for the good look.. or about building details.. they only have to fly..

they are budget friendly builds.

the 30gr frame is very oldscool, i believe it is from 2015, but its still available. durability is ok, i broke one with a 1806 try, fall off with a lot of force to the ground, because of a faulty esc. a piece of aluminium and fibertape make it fly again.

the aomway cmos 700tvl v2 1/3" doesnt give the most sharp picture, colour could be better. diameter is special, i mount it terrible in the frame :-) but for the low price its a great cam, perfectly for bashing (if there is enough space in the frame). at oscar liangs page in latency comparison with nearly all popular cams its still the best with 14ms average latency.

the racerstar f4 and f3 aios are ok too, i use them with 5" first. simply to build.. they save space...

i was surprised about livetime of the kk 1306 3100kv, they spin the hq 4043 on 4s for hours and hours, i am thinking about replace the bearings just to have a look how long they would work. i allready fly them as backup when somethings wrong with my f20setup. powerfull as 4" setup...

not much to say about the f20II 3200kv.. decent...

hq 4043 my over all favorite prop, they turn me to a 4inch lover regardless of all bad 4" market-support.
but diffrent setups has own charmes, hq3040 fourblade for nimble indoor, hq3040 triblade for nimble outdoor. the dal4045 because i own alot.

i allready fly them with flyskyfs-i6 because its very handy to carry... but i would install an xm+ in an unnown future

dinogy make very good lipos.
in the past the 1306 was flown with some s450mah2s serial to 4s.

they weight is between 130-140g with props.

dont look to close on the picture they are ugly uncarefull builded and repared.. flyers not beautys..



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IcarusIX   Apr 14, 2019  

ah, the nostalgia on this frame! nice to see it built up on newer stuff

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