Lil Riprip

By DanRichmond on Apr 10, 2019

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it was a flight controller that I thought was dead.. (lifted pad that my friend fixed) the motors had broken shafts so I couldn't use them on the build/props I was wanting. the camera was one taken from a broken whoop and the canopy was still broken..
it was like an abandoned parts build but it turned out to be my favorite and the best performing flyer I've had. the flight times weren't great never over 3 minutes... but it ripped... 2 inch and nimble and quick and very controllable. it's gone now I think the vtx or antenna or maybe i had my goggles on the wrong channel but I lost video then crashed then telemetry lost I guess the battery disconnected... I searched the area I think it's in but haven't found it yet.
it was super fun and exhilarating and it was the best thing ever for learning acro...

(no link for the motors anymore they were 10,000 kv 1103 crazepony motors from amazon.. (I had a 70% throttle curve limit)
not sure why the osd flashes but I was running the vtx/cam off of a 5v bec to save the fc from that work and I think I should have connected the ground from the vtx to the fc as well.. can't try it now unless I find it maybe...



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rdlkgliders   19 days ago  

Did you have any issue with the camera pod being loose? I can't seem to get the 2 sides to fit tightly on the bottom cam plate

DanRichmond   19 days ago 

this one fit snug but I had this frame again and I had to use a zip tie around the whole top part on that one to keep it tight like the parts were a little too loose

Mr. Shrek   Apr 22, 2019  

What Motors?

DanRichmond   Apr 23, 2019 

crazepony 1103 10,000kv
from amazon.
the link doesn't exist anymore

Mr. Shrek   Apr 23, 2019 

Of course, i see that now 😁
Thank you!

RAHFPV   Apr 11, 2019  

Badass! I gotta have that! By the way, did you have any issues with jello? It was difficult to tell in the video. Thank you for sharing.

DanRichmond   Apr 11, 2019 

I didn't notice any jello but I wouldn't recommend that camera i just don't like it and yes the whoop it was on before was jelloy... if I build this one again which I probably will. I'd change the camera..

RAHFPV   Apr 11, 2019 

Thanks for the speedy reply and info. Much apprecited!

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