By gilesclement on Apr 06, 2019

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I chose this build because it seemed to involve the least amount of soldering. It's my first quad and everything went together easily. The software side of things was a little tricky since I'd never used Betaflight before but after much tinkering and cursing it's going.

I built the quad primarily to explore a bunch of old structures around Nashville with and it's worked fairly well for that. The secondary plan was to mount a medium format film camera to the quad which would enable me to shoot some unique images. I'm in the process of designing and building a light weight camera with automatic rewind but to start with (since it was free) I stuck my girlfriends granddads old Brownie Hawkeye to the body and have a servo to control the shutter. First tests are pretty nice, I'm sure once I get a better hang of flying things will be better still.

Update: after 20 or so flights the bearings on the Ldarc XT2306 motors are toast. Most of them are squealing and have significant play. Given that bearings cost almost as much as a new motor I'd say pass on these.



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DLQFPV (pothman)   May 07, 2019  

Amazing. I originally got into quadcopters because of my love of photography and wanted to do something like this. So awesome. I have several hawkeyes (they seem to show up when people know you like photography).

jvphotog   Apr 22, 2019  

This is so cool! Does your Brownie use 120 or did you mod it?

Quantum FPV   Apr 09, 2019  

That's amazing!!! Now that's some unique drone photography!!

bigtuni   Apr 09, 2019  

Historic pics taken today, love it.

fovea   Apr 08, 2019  

very nice black/white photos from copter! some photos while an acro move or diving would be a pleasure to see.
probably twoblade props could be healthy for the bearings to handle the cam weight.

jtFPV   Apr 07, 2019  

that is really cool! nice photos!

appleii2   Apr 07, 2019  

Like it! It's so refreshing to see something new and unique

gilesclement   Apr 07, 2019  

a couple more from the browniecopter

back4trouble   Apr 07, 2019  

Great idea! How many photos did you get? I'm an old photographer trying to learn and use quads to take photos. Thanks for this.

gilesclement   Apr 07, 2019 

I've taken a couple of rolls with it so far. Just had a bit of a nasty landing this morning so I'm afraid the Brownie is toast but I'm working on designing a 3dprinted camera that will weigh considerably less and be able to advance film while in the air.

DPJ   Apr 07, 2019  

Awesome project and I love the photo at the end. Medium and full format pics always have such nice tones to them. Awesome work :D

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