wild flower 3s 1105 betafpv 15a

By matthew saigon on Apr 06, 2019

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even when cruising around at 35-40% throttle, it's already fast.
it makes my flying corner feel small.
you can get 5-6mins easy or 7mins if you're just cruising.
i like this build with hq3x3x3 more than gf2540
the videos look bad. that's because i'm using an old 40$ box goggles that nobody uses anymore.
i'm sure it'll look a lot better with your 700$ fatshark goggles

i have another build, kind of relate to this one. same build, but different motors and props.
basically, you just swap out motors and props.
63g 12a ( and up) esc 1402 gf2540 3s 550mah.
what you'll get ? a little bit slower than this one. but the control, throttle resolution, is much better.

61g dry, 98g with 3s 350mah, 3-4min ( 3s 450mah if you want more weight ) with gf2540
3s 550mah 650mah with hq3x3x3
betafpv 15a fc+esc
hglrc flame 1105 6000kv
tbs pro32 nano vtx, modula7 camera(chopped off vtx)
tweaky 120mm whoop frame, built for Line of Sight, very light, minimalist ( to get the frame, you just post messages on rcgroups, that's how they like to operate)

pid: is flyable, need more tuning.
props: gf2540 or hq3x3x3
R : 41 45 25
P: 45 50 27
Y: 40 100
tpa 2.5 breakpoint 1590

stupid eos2 camera looks so bad. we need a new eos2. small capacitor is needed if you want smooth video.
punchouts is usually about 50%. i usually don't fly fast.

4/8/19 update: i chopped vtx from modula7 camera and modified cam mount to fit. i can see a lot better now. it might be just mine. eos2 cam is the worst. i'll upload a video tomorrow.
4/9/19 update: the pictures show modula7 cam with vtx chopped off.
4/11/19 update: i tried hq3x3x3 3s 550mah. it feels good. using same pid as gf2540.
4/11/19 update: it was very windy. frame shake a lot. but i feel i need to record a dvr footage with these hq3x3x3 3s 650mah to show how it flies. i'll make another video on a better day. it flies really good for 6mins.

4/14/19 update: my old goggles can only record 3min at a time. it stops at 3min and starts again.



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fovea   9 days ago  

are the two blades 2,5“? how are they in comparison? ampdraw/flighttime and in handling?
thanks for impressions

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matthew saigon   7 days ago 

so i just uploaded a video. it was very windy, frame shaked a lot. i will record another video on a better day. 6min flying time 3s 650mah hq3x3x3. it flies pretty good.

fovea   7 days ago 

awesome! what a power :-) pleasure to see, thanks for post

matthew saigon   5 days ago 

i just built this one :) i flew a few packs. a bit slower than "wild flower" but better control, throttle resolution. 63g dry, some random frame, iflight 16x16 stack, 1402 motors, gf2540, modula7 with vtx chopped off, 3s 550mah. camera mount ( 2 zip ties, camera foam-taped onto them) because i like modula7 cam a lot and only weighs 2g. i tried 3" props and didn't like it.

fovea   11 days ago  

very nice build! thanks for the footage, take care about fpv-reputation, dont scare passengers ;-)

matthew saigon   10 days ago 

i didn't mean too. i turned around and there he was, in front of me. so the logic was to fly up. on the way down, i already knew where he was. but still on the hindsight, that was really stupid of me.

matthew saigon   10 days ago 

and another thing, i was using eos2 and i can't hardly see anything. today i just chopped off vtx from modula7 camera and use it. i can see a lot better now.

fovea   11 days ago  

i mean walkers not passangers :-)

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