Park Racer

By Dave_C FPV on Apr 07, 2019

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Finally, my first Kabab FPV inspired toothpick style build with a custom pod I designed for the Caddx EOS 2.
Thingiverse Link for the Pod:
I was really curious if these things actually fly as well people say and I was not disappointed!
The speed of this little quad (although it is really fast for its size) was actually not the most impressive thing about it. What really blew my mind was how good the flight characteristics are. While the other micros I flew all felt kind of sluggish and lacked control this thing is super locked and precise. It feels literally like a little well tuned 5 Inch!!!
The other aspect that is just really awesome is that these little toothpicks solve one of the main issues I have with our regular 5" quads: They are noisy! I live in a densely populated city and it is really hard to find a spot that is not super far away and has nobody living nearby that is bothered by the noise.
I must admit the build itself wasn't too easy. Removing the connectors from the board and soldering the tiny tiny motor wires requires a steady hand and arranging all the wires to look clean was a pain in the a*** :-D


  • AUW with a 300mah 2S: 63g
  • Dry weight: 45g
  • Flight time: 3min +



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Rembem   Mar 26, 2020  

Do you have any videos that you could put up?

zend1ng   May 27, 2019  

hey mate rly nice build thinking of building one myself since i have som of the parts lying around im still kinda new though u said u took off the motor connectors to solder the motors directly ? how did u do that i would be scared of breaking the fc some picture or tipps on how to do it would be greatly appreciated :D

jwangdk   May 15, 2019  

Super nice build!!

What hardware did you use to mount the fc/esc and canopy? Can't quite tell from the photos.... :)

Dave_C FPV   May 15, 2019 

Thanks! The rubber mounts that come with the Carzybee plus some m2x14 screws

StickyRice   Apr 30, 2019  

That is sexy

Currently   Apr 08, 2019  

Newb question: How do the props stay on? friction?

The Van   Apr 09, 2019 

Yep. There's a bit of confusion over shaft size though, so in practice be sure that the motor shaft diameter is equal to the prop hole diameter. Common sizes are 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm

flickischris   Apr 11, 2019 

if your motor shafts are larger than what these 65mm props are, you can use s drill bit to mill out the hole. have to do this to use these props with most 11xx motors.

The Van   Apr 09, 2019  

Dude this looks outstanding! Great work & super clean pod as always.

Dave_C FPV   Apr 09, 2019 

Thanks man!

alwaysbless   Apr 08, 2019  

Nice build. I have a very similar one that is nearly done just waiting for the 3s esc to come in the mail today or tomorrow. Whats the AUW?

Edit: NVM see the 45g. The eos2 and gtxnano are a heavy combo.

Katana   Apr 07, 2019  

That pod looks awesome

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